Space Shuttle Columbia Remembered

Posted: February 1, 2008 in Scifi
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space-shuttle-columbia.jpgWith the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, five years ago my daughter was only 2 and 9/11 was barely 5 months old. Having another space related tradegy just seem to compound my own outlook on life. While it may seems this is selfish on part to only focus on how I feel, everyone can easily loose sight of the big picture.  We forget that others made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives and that should give us some perspective.

I would like to honor the late Space Shuttle Columbia crew with the thought that they are still traveling the far reaches of outer space. And that one day, when we are able to join them, remember to always look forward and to continue with your dreams. The struggles along the way only serve to make the dream worth fight.

God Speed!

Ad Adstra.


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