Cloverfield Movie Review

Posted: February 7, 2008 in Scifi
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Okay, I know I am not timely on this review but Thursday was only day off where I did not have to take care of my kids and/or had money. I purposely did not read any blog reviews of the movie although, listening to the Slice of Scifi podcast briefly mentioned how much this movie did not meet expectations. That’s the first point of a red flag warning. As I am rushing myself to the theatre, I get out my credit card to buy my ticket. There was one person ahead of me but thankfully, he was done before I got to the window. As I said, “1 please for Cloverfield,” the cashier responded back to me, “You haven’t seen it yet?” While I briefly explained that I want to see this movie but didn’t have the time until now; looking back on her statement the second red flag waving but smacking the back of my head, “Uh, McFly!!!”. I was really dense on this matter as I wanted to see the movie and had to escape from my off day blahs. 

I sat alone in an empty theatre which does not bother me in the least. I was happy to see the Star Trek XI Trailer which was nice to see it on the large screen and with a kick ass sound system. As you are reading these words, it dawned on me that not leaving after the trailer was the third and final red flag. This is not to say that I hated Cloverfield nor the cinema verti style but this is a movie that works best on the small screen like a YouTube video. The larger screen made the camera movements very jarring to watch to the point that I had to look down or off screen to help me get through this movie. If you ever played a virtual reality game with a headset, you can loose focus or perspective when you are so immersed in the enviroment. I’m not saying this is a bad thing but after 15 minutes, I had enough.

The camera pov plays a pivotal role in the telling of the story that if you were to shoot this movie in the traditional camera setup, the impact will be lost. Could you have told this story another way? Perhaps. I would have like to have seen other pov like the media coverage to have been extended in key scenes to see the creature more and to use a more macro view of NY rather than the micro view of just a few. If you had ever seen Signs, the micro view of the one family dealing with a possible alien threat was compelling against the widening global incident reports. Since this was just one story and since the sequel was greenlight, I can see multiple storylines take place on the same date of occurence and expand the mythos of the creature.


As for the creature, I can’t say that this is our Godzilla but this is one of those creatures that pays homage to the creatures Ray Harryhausen created. With this aspect of Cloverfield creature, I was not dissapointed with it as I was left wanting more.

Overall, I would see it again but only on DVD to minimize the cinema verti effects on my still dizzying head. If you haven’t seen it by now, don’t waste the money at least not yet.


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