Top Posts to Date….

Posted: February 9, 2008 in Scifi
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My blog is coming up on being 7 months old and I am shocked as to how quickly the hits kept coming. Since wordpress added this new feauture for the stats, I wanted to share with you my top entries to date.

Right off the bat, what still surprises me is the first one about Jessica Biel being Wonder Woman for the JLA movie. While I did update the entry saying that she was not interested, this continues being a top draw to my blog. Having said this, with the WGA strike at a possible end and the JLA on hold with casting problem, perhaps, Jessica and the JLA movie producers can make a connection. Who knows???

Cloverfield still continues being popular with several entries. Having had some time to regain from the Cloverfield dizzyness, there were some good things that still keep coming to the forefront. When we get shot of the creature in the city, I was really impressed by the CG work. I like it so much that I am planning to pre-order the Cloverfield monster that Hasbro is planning on making for a whopping $99 a pop. Click here to read more. The other thing that I loved was Lizzy Caplan. She delivered one of the best snarky lines to the guy holding the camera. In a subway tunnel, the small group was asking themselves as to where the creature came. I believe Lizzy said something to the effect that it came from outer space like Superman. The camera guy, “You know about Superman?” Mind you, the camera guy had been trying to hit on her since the party first began and when she revealed her geeky side, the camera guy was going ga-ga for her. However, Lizzy shot back, “I know Garfield too. Do you know Garfield? He’s a cat.” Right now you’re thinking that how was that funny, trust me when you see it on dvd, its damn funny. Click here for pics of Lizzy on my blog. She is so on the list.

Lastly, the one I am most proud of was the entry, “So I was bored.” This showcases a couple of pics of Elseworld Supergirl action figure. I also posted more pics with Elseworld Batgirl to do a faux World’s Finests. The latest one I did is of Elseworld Amazonia which came out okay since the weather was lousy. I’m hoping to do a reshoot or do something new with all three action figures.


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