Cloverfield Monster Toy Review

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Scifi
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After I heard the buzz on the Cloverfield Monster toy was being made by Hasbro, I was really excited to learn this. However, after viewing the images online, click here to see more, I was really dissapointed with the results. It has this weird bat faced head and retarded looking landstrider limbs. I don’t remember seeing the creature being this grey but I guess this was discussed at great lengths by the Cloverfield makers and Hasbro. This then begs the question, “This was the best they came up with?” To boot, the $99 price tag does not make this an attractive offer unless it was paired with the movie, then and only then would the hefty crunch to the wallet would it be acceptable. So, with this note, I will wait for the invisible hand to lower the price tag to a more realistic price. I love collecting toys but this is something I can wait on.

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  2. JT says:

    For certain I was not impressed with the film. After the first 16 minutes of insufferablemascinations and yammering by wannabe socialites, and yuppified dudes. I felt “this crap has got to kick off sometime soon!” Then Bam (like a low thud like a snowball against the head my 4 year old neph would throw) we get some action going. Sure it had it’s moments, but I could do without the insanity of some dude carrying a video camera around and not running, screaming for Yonkers.

    Now we are expected to fork over more coin for this???

    I’ll by my cool creature models from Japan thank you and avoid this one like one of those ticks that fell off of JJ Abrams.



  3. can i buy it off you


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