Find Monster @ MegaCon 2008

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Scifi
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Before I go into more detail about the title, I getting psyched for my road trip to Orlando and MegaCon next week. While I have been dissappointed by past trips, I am planning on several things to improve my stay there.

First, I have never been big on getting autographs because of cost or being a total nerd in front of the celebrity or both. This year, I am going in with a different mindset. I recently unearth my record collection – not cd; R E C O R D. In the process, I found my Buck Rogers original soundtrack album. My a-ha, not the music group, moment came to me and said to get their autographs. Erin Gray and Gil Gerard will be at MegaCon this year and I will plunck down my money for the autograph because this means something to me. I saw Buck Rogers in the theaters with my biological father. I’ve watched Buck Roger tv series where I fell in love with Pamela Hensley (Princess Ardala and my myspace friend, geek) and Erin Gray (Lt. Deering and my myspace friend but only the fan site 😦 . Gil was the man back then as Buck Rogers as he was the pre-Farscape fish out of water character. I haven’t played the soundtrack for several decades but I probably will next week to get my extra geekyness on.

The second thing, I am planning on doing mini interviews for my podcast. Andy Runton creator of Owly and Robert Venditti creator of The Surrogates will high on my list. I am interested in meeting Darwyn Cooke since the new dvd of The New Fontier just came out last week. I would like to record other attendees and fans but I will have to play it by ear as I want to go to several con panels.

Lastly, going back to the title for this entry, if you have read my blog before, you might have seen several pictures of the alien facehugger. (Hold that in mind.) I am going to run a contest where if you are going to attend MegaCon, Saturday only, you need to find me. The winner who finds me first will win $50 right on the spot. Here’s what you need to do to win it. First, I have no hair as I shave it clean. Look for the bright center of the universe as the light will be bouncing off my head. I will have a goatee to get in touch with my inner Mirror, Mirror alternate universe Vulcan and I wear glasses with a silver frame. Right there, among the masses, I can be found but just in case you see several version of me, you need to say the following to me, “Do you know about the Monster Scifi Show Blog?” If it’s me, I’ll say alien facehugger and I’ll give you the cash. It’s just that easy.

I hope that there will be a winner which I would like to then quickly do an interview on the spot and take your picture. Well, good luck to those who accept this challenge. Remember what I mentioned in this entry to zero down here I can be and improve your chances to win. If all goes well, I might try this again when I go to NY Comic Con in April.

Good Luck!

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