MegaCon ’08; It’s a Wrap!

Posted: March 11, 2008 in Scifi
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Well, I am back from Orlando. Weather up there, as always this time of the year, was cold. There was a severe rainstorm the night I got to Orlando. This set up the next day to be freezing cold with strong winds. Aside from that, when I arrived at the con, I felt like I was home amongst my people even though I would not touch them with a ten foot pole. A nine foot pole is better but ten… that’s being just rude. (Whatever that means.) However, the big question on everyone’s mind, did anyone find me in MegaCon and won $50 cash prize???

The very short answer is no. However, the two times that I was at the Con, saturday and sunday, where I saw one of my friends from MySpace – Ruby Rocket in her Phoenix outfit. Wow! But, she did not either know who I was, read my blog, nor read the comment I put on her MySpace account. That was as close to making the whole trip worth it to being recognized but in reverse. Don’t get me wrong, I had a ball taking pictures, listening to the different panels as well as collecting swag and shopping for some hidden treasures. In addition, going back to the panels, I recorded using my friends digital recorder which I could not find my own. What really sucks is that his recorder which the same as mine except that there is no cable to transfer the file. This means that I need to have the room quite and record from a microphone close to the recorder. I’m going to let you know a head of time that the quality of the sound will suck but hopefully, you will find meaning in the content. Here is the list of future podcast that will be post in the coming days and weeks:

  • DCU: Countdown to Crisis
  • Thriving Artist by Mark Simon
  • Independent Comics Panel 
  • The Buck Stops Here – Gil Gerard and Erin Gray
  • Interview with Robert Venditti of The Surrogates

Each one except for the interview will be running near an hour. So, be patient and forgiving with my limited time to get this to you.

A last quick note, I want to give a very special thank you and hi to Lilly @ the Sizzler I ate breakfast on Sunday. She saw the Inuyahsa bag and knew who he was. She gets big points in my book for being cool. Sad that she could not go to MegaCon but I wanted to say that she started off my day in Orlando off on the right foot.

Stay tuned for more.

  1. Ruby Rocket says:

    Hah, I just ran across this in google. If the date isn’t wrong and you were indeed intending to write ’08 – I wasn’t at Megacon this year. It must’ve been someone else. Was someone pretending to be me, lol?


  2. Ruby Rocket says:

    I wasn’t at Megacon ’08? Someone must be pretending to be me…


  3. monster7of9 says:

    Sorry, Ruby. There was only one Phoenix at the Con and I got conned. Again, sorry for the mistake and whenever I see you in person, I will beg for your forgiveness on bended knee. 🙂


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