Arthur C. Clarke 1917 – 2008 « Dan Taylor Blog

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Scifi
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Arthur C. Clarke 1917 – 2008 « Dan Taylor Blog

Confirming this latest news as being true, I honestly thought Clarke had died some time ago. I remembered watching the 2001 and 2010 movies and loved the ideas and tone of each one. When I first went to college, 2061, the 3rd Space Odyssey book just came out. I picked it up, hardcover edition, read a few pages and lost interest. This was not to say that the book wasn’t good but rather I was going through some drama back then.

Many years later, I moved back to Miami from Orlando for the birth of my daughter. Since the house we were moving had no furniture, we slept at my inlaws place. The room I was in belonged to my brother inlaw who moved out years ago but left behind his old scifi books. Since the room didn’t have a tv with great reception, I picked up one of the books. I started to read 2001: A Space Odyssey. Within a couple of late nights up, I was done with the book. Finally, I knew what the hell that GIANT SPACE BABY was in the end and what it meant. Of course, going back to the movie, there isn’t a great deal of explanation of what is going on but I was glad that I read the book.

As for his other series like Rama, I think I have all of the books except for one or two. However, when I get some time this summer, I might have a Clarke reading theme. I had also did this with Asimov where I started to read the Foundation series and read about 2.5 books. I still want to continue reading the greats in Science Fiction: Asimov, Herbert, Sagan, and now Clarke.

So long, Starchild.

  1. That is sad. At leaset he was able to leave a legacy


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