Exciting News About Scifi/Fantasy Book Group

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Scifi
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FrankHerbert Dune 1st.jpgThank you to all those you expressed an interest in joining the book group both in person and online. To further enhance the book group experience, if you remember from my previous entry, I am using Meebo as our chat room. You can click on this link to see the Meebo room. The great feature, aside from the chat transcripts being recorded, one can insert various video clips from YouTube and Google Video as well as images from Flickr and Photobucket. I am in the process of putting some videos from the movies and then, I started to think some more about this. If you have a video camera record yourself ahead of time with your thoughts about the book or leave a short video question for us to answer. If you can upload it to YouTube or Google Video, I can then add it to the chat room for all of us to view and enjoy; just send me an email: monsterscifishow@gmail.com. So, get cranking on finishing the first Dune book as we are close to a month away from the start of the first.

Also don’t forget about about the Google Group on Dune which has more information about the book in the form of reviews and analysis. And, if that wasn’t enough, go to this link for a couple of podcasts which talked about the world of Dune. 

Tell your friends and wake your neighbors because the world of Dune will be at close hand.


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