Naruto Ripped Off Cowboy Bebop- not really (Tigger’s Blog)

Posted: March 23, 2008 in Scifi
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I will be the first to admit that I have not seen either Cowboy Bebop or Naruto but I am at familiar with how popular they are in the library and at the convention. The one thing I noticed at MegaCon was this backlash on Naruto not being real Anime. If anyone can tell me what’s the big deal on this I would love to know. For those who still like Naruto and Star Trek (strange combination) there is a convention in the Ft. Lauderdale area next week. This is the 1st annual Naruto/Star Trek Convention and you can click here for more info. 

Now, moving on to the Main event: Tigger’s Blog

There have been many comments about Naruto ripping off Cowboy Bebop. The animation scene that you see here is the same but not because it is being “ripped off”. Many of the Naruto episodes are financed by Gainax including this one.  

Take a look at the rest of Tigger’s blog.

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  3. This is really cool,keep up the pimp work!


  4. Very nice blog, I love naruto too, keep up the great work here.


  5. rahharuto says:

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  6. I wish I can go that event and see the great things offered for Naruto fans. I also wonder why it is combined with Star Trek. Hmmm…there can be a reason. Give us more update please. Thanks.


  7. Ryu says:

    lol my friend is crazy about Naruto and Star Trek.


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    Mainly Naruto at the moment, but much more soon!

    NarutoShack x


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