BSG Season 4 He That Believeth In Me Episode Review

Posted: April 4, 2008 in Scifi
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BSG Cast Season 4

Let me go on record that the first ten minutes had my attention right from the get go. Anders first contact with the Cylon ship in space nailed him and the others to being the 4 out of the 5 remaining Cylons was fantastic. Mind blowing to say the least and the slo-mo effect between the Cylon roving red eye and Ander’s human eye was eerie. WOW!

As Romo predicted Baltar landing on his feet proved to be a correct prediction. His new life is this lair of women, although there was a man in the background – (right?) had a David Kuresh/ Wacko feeling. On the one hand, Baltar has the ultimate paradise but when Derrick’s mom being him before Baltar to heal him or to make him better just continues another set of lies to cover his ass. He is his worst enemy no matter how bad the situation gets. No matter how genuine he tries to be at times with his convictions, something or someone will take a shot at him to bring him down. This is where it’s hard to cheer for him to get his just desserts because we love to hate Baltar. With Derrick’s health being restored, Baltar has found yet another path of greatness to walk on.

The scene between Adama and Starbuck was great but for one moment, I believed he was going to reveal to her that he knows there is no Earth just like he admitted to Roslin way back in Season One. So either, he knew better to reveal this fact. He just continues to play up the facts the Starbuck’s ship was brand new, no battle scars and no computer data but further down this season he will admit this fact to someone. This is where I thought he was able to talk to Apollo while he was watching the video of Starbuck’s ship being destroyed. Even then, Adama is sullen as he carries the weight of the universe on his shoulders. More on Adama below.

Overall, BSG has picked up right where it left off and with all the strength and the richness of characters and storytelling for the past three seasons. This leaves us with the big question about who is the last Cylon. I don’t want to say it’s Roslin even though she had a shared vision with Six. Starbuck would be the obvious choice but I’ll bet there is something else going on with her that is not Cylon. Apollo has not given any signs or indications other than leaving the military to grow in a new direction; maybe. I’m going to stick with Adama only because of something that happened back on season 1. If you remember, there was a woman, played by Gina (Six), who accused Baltar of being a traitor. Gina and Adama had a scene together in his quarters. He seemed really oddly still with her talking to him. Later, he suspected her to being a Cylon but did not but the call through to Tigh to arrest her until after she left the ship. Second, Boomer to became activated as a Cylon shot Adama. What better way to deter attention to one’s self while hold such power.

I would be interested to learn your thought on this matter and your opinion of this episode.

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  2. CJ Anderson says:

    I too really enjoyed it as I enjoyed watching the season recaps reminding me of much I forgot!I am fortuante to be working form home howeverthis week was less productive I will admit as for the first time, forgotten episodes wold rivet me to the tv over and over!

    I mentioned in the tv guide that it bothers me no end that in every single opening the shock wave which destroys the house somehow leaves Baltar completely unscathed? To me if he is not the final cylon that is the biggest and unbelieveable plot hole of the show!

    I said that there was NO minor character who would be satisfying to me as the final cylon, altho there was a women in the next weeks previews that appears to beable to contol the metal cylons! So that would be a BIG let down after all this time and build up.

    The ONE minor character that would actually feel as good as Baltar to me would be Tom Zurak as a tip of the hat to the old show fans, especially after all his hard work to keep the show alive

    For that placement of Richard Hatch all would be forgiven from my view, because as good as the show was to not impinge on the old mythlogy too much or at least abrasively, to go that one extra mile to say thank you to Richard and the old fans, would be very, satisfyingly circular to me!


  3. Bryan says:

    I thought overall the episode was very well done, but I do feel the last half of the episode was a let down. I really did expect more in the season opener but I am so frakkin excited about this entire season. I’m hoping this show goes out with a bang.


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