Charlton Heston Dies at 84

Posted: April 6, 2008 in Scifi
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It is always sad to see a favorite actor pass away but like all things everything comes to an end. The first remembrance of Charlton is from one of my all time favorite scifi movies – Planet of the Apes. One of my favorite lines from Charlton – “Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”  Soylent Green was another classic movie where he utters a very classic line – “Soylent Green is made out of people!” Ooops, I forgot to do a spoiler alert, lol.

While the remake of Planet of the Apes by Tim Burton was by many a complete failure, there were some elements that I truly loved. Charlton, in ape disguise, said many of this famous lines from the first Apes movie with a different delivery and tone which made me clap out loud for his brilliance.

Having said this, his role in N.R.A. which showed his bravado once more was hard to accept. How do you seperate the man from the message? I loved him as an actor but as a person strong in his belief in his right to own a gun and in defiance to the Columbine tragedy left me to question his judgement. Check out Micheal Moore’s Bowling for Columbine for more.

Regardless, he is longer with us today and I choose to remember Charlton as a childhood hero who impacted me through scifi movies.  

So long, Chuck. We’ll miss you.


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