Is the Deathstill from the book of Dune now a reality?

Every once in a while you get amazed about a concept that could only be done in a work of fiction. As technology makes incredible leaps and bounds, those concepts become a reality. I’m sure you’ve heard the arguements for the invention of the cell phones was due in part of Star Trek and not William Shatner, lol.

As I saw this interview of the Colbert Report, Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, came up with a brilliant water reclamation design. As Dean was speaking about how water can extracted from pretty much anything, I wanted to bring up the Deathstill from the book of Dune.

If you have ever read the book or seen the movies, Paul was challenged to a duel by a Fremen called Jamis. As Jamis lost the battle and his life and his body was placed in a Deathstill. The water from Jamis’s body was extract and given to Paul. As part of the Fremen ritual, this water is given to the winner who used and lost the water during the fight. From a Dune Wiki – The Fremen also put the deathstills to use for reclaiming the water of their enemies. It was usual practice for Fremen women and children to go through a battlefield when fighting was over, killing the wounded soldiers of the enemies with their crysknife, so that their water could be reclaimed in the deathstills. In the second Dune book, the Deathstill was used a torture device. Can Kamen’s invention one day be used on a living being? Before you say nay, as Spock would, “There are always possibilites.”

What do you think? 

Speaking of Dune, plug…plug…plug, don’t forget the Dune Book Group on April 29.





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