BSG Season 4 – Six of One Episode Review

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Scifi
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For starters, I still don’t the meaning of the title for this other than the first impression of something having to do with Six. Or there were six of something that had one common element? Again, huh?

This episode starts right were last week’s end with the now hostage situation of President Roslin. Starbuck and Roslin pretty much fell out after on and leaving new Caprica. I remember much happier times when Starbuck used to be Roslin’s model of strong female leaders in the event of her death, ie someone to challenge William Adama. So, we are left with two women who have two opposing ideas, two visions of where Earth is located. Starbuck is at her wits end in trying to convince Roslin that she is right where Roslin is very non emotional or reactionary to Starbuck’s antics. What was interesting was how Starbuck gave her firearm over to Roslin. In not so many words Starbuck dared Roslin to shoot her if she believed that Starbuck was a Cylon. Eventually, Roslin did fire, missed at almost point blank range and hit a picture of Roslin and Adama on a wall. The cracking of the picture was foretelling on the relationship between President and the Admiral. Great opening teaser and we even get a quick shot of Dualla who has been absent for sometime.

We jump forward to the Cylon Breakfast Club of Tigh, Anders, Chief and Tory. Sadly, there was very little move this scene along except for a brief line deliver by the Chief. Tigh complained to the Chief about being late. The Chief shot back that he had to wait until Cally was asleep. All this is means and serves is a set up to next week’s episode where it appears Cally finds out about the group and who they are. This was the weakest part of the episode.

Next, we see Anders at Apollo’s going away party. I was a bit taken by this as his wife, Starbuck, was in jail, I thought he would see her rather be at the party. As Apollo takes shot after shot giving quick toasts to those present and in the past, we see the Admiral being more reflective. We see his old “Husker” picture and another one of Starbuck. We move from there to his quarters which sets up a crucial scene between Roslin and him. Jumping off topic, I’ve wanted to talk about the usage of many Earth based customs and terms.

If we jump back to the premise of the series, there were 12 tribes with the 13 one were either on or found Earth. I’m still having problems with this premise about a place, Earth, that no one has been to except those in the 13th tribe. Let’s say those in this tribe did settle on Earth and someone decided to leave to find the other 12 tribes and tell them about their discovery. This has got to have happened only in the sense that someone recorded this information many generations ago including many sayings and customs and became part of the 12’s history. I’m getting groggy as I am writing but Adama has a model Earth ship on his desk, there was the boxing episode, and many sayings that are Earth related. Every once in a while, I see something or hear something that takes me out of the BSG Universe.

Back to Roslin and Adama, you felt them as being married for a long time as they were no longer amorous to each other. Roslin knew which right buttons to get the Admiral to talk about his feelings about Starbuck. There were some great points about being alone without the people who they care the most about. It still amazes me that with all the hurt they are both going through, that this would bring them closer together and not further apart. It was a tough scene to watch because it reminds one of parents who love each other and yet, want nothing to do with one another. Who would you side, mom or dad?

One of the best moments and the most hear-felt was the scene between Lee and Kara. As each one are on a different path and neither one of them can get off, they do share a passionate kiss. I would hate to think that this is might be the very last time they will have in the remaining last season. And in another moving scene for Lee was the salute goodbye from his comrades. This so reminded me of the scene that was caught on video where Tony Snow left the White House. As he is leaving and go to his car, tons of people came out and just applauded him. While I really didn’t care for Tony, as a person this was moving.

Lastly, the Cylon civil war on the Baseship is proving to really interesting and as to how the Cylon’s big plan will end, I have no idea.

As far as next week, I might be able to see BSG in my hotel room if they have the Scifi Channel but I will not be able to write a review. I’ll be in NY for the Comic Con next weekend. From that point on, I have the Dune book group to plan for and then back to MLS classes for the summer. I’ll still be posting but not as much to be prepared.

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  1. jetsamjr says:

    Your point about Adama and Roslin’s scene is so true – they really do have that “divorcing parents” dynamic. It’s so interesting that their fighting is so subtle, yet still really powerful. I hope they make up because I’d still like to see them admit their feelings for each other before the series is done.

    For the record, I’d side with daddy – Roslin is going a little crazy, not that I blame her.


  2. monster7of9 says:

    I got a reply from Karen at TV Squad about the title:

    4-12-2008 @ 11:37AM

    Karen said…
    I think the title is pulling from the common expression “It’s six of one, half a dozen of another,” which means there’s no real difference. It’s ironic here, because there is definitely differences appearing among the Cylons and Six appears to have been the prime mover in making that happen.


  3. Kaydeedee says:

    As Karen said, “Six of one, half dozen of another” basically means there’s no difference. I think it means by treating the Raiders as slaves/property, the Cylon leaders (at least some of them) are doing the same thing they used as reason to destroy humankind. They’re no different.

    It may additionally refer to the similarities, maybe even bonds, that the Cylons who’ve gotten close to humans (Caprica, Sharon, Leoben) may be beginning to recognize between Cylons and humans. (They’re not so different, after all?) I have a feeling that connection will be what all the answers come from when we get to the end.

    First time reader, thanks for putting link on tvguide message board (if that’s where I was…)…


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