The Sarah Jane Adventures – Invasion of the Bane Episode Review

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Scifi
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To start off with this note, I am watching the Scifi Channel for two reasons. First, BSG Season 4 is the major reason to go back to a channel that I have given up on. During last week’s BSG premiere, there was a promotion for The Sarah Jane Adventures. While I have only seen her on the Doctor Who – 5 Doctors special and the latest version of Dr. Who with David Tenant Series 2, I was already smitten with her. When I learned of the new series being made, I couldn’t wait to see her in action a’la Torchwood. Of course, it has taken over a year to see it in the states but I am quite pleased with what I saw in the first episode.

As the story plays out about the Bubble Shock drink, this read like the Slurm episode from Futurama. There is no question about the high production qualities as the f/x shows itself well in the first show but I sort of not clear about where Sarah Jane falls in line. If Torchwood exists and it’s not a secret hidden by the public, both Sarah and Torchwood are doing the same job except they are geared to two different audiences. I can accept that since some times you need a break from the Torchwood crew bopping each other and other life forms any chance they get. With Sarah Jane team of Maria, Luke, K-9, Mr. Smith, and of course, Sarah Jane who just need to have a simple stories told well without adult oriented themes.

I love seeing strong female leads in scifi as many times they are just simply portrayed as wimpy sterotypes that only scream and fall down when being chased by the villian. The Sarah Jane character in many ways embodies the qualities of the Doctor. While some may argue that she trying too much to be like him but look at a couple who have been dating or married for a time and see some of the same mannerisms, point of view, and humor. As the Doctor’s companion, this makes total sense for her sometime frazzleness.

The female baddie Mrs. Wormwood played by Samantha Bond was a nice treat to see her other than her Mrs. Moneypenny role on several James Bond’s film. Again, going back to the sterotypical female role like Moneypenny, I would have never seen another side of Samantha hadn’t been for this episode.

Overall, as my daughter is getting older and wiser, she is eager to watch more movies like Nim’s Island. I would definitely nudge her to take a look at this series as Sarah Jane and her psuedo companion Maria are well drawn out and positive role models for her to watch.

As for the Scifi Channel, do you remember when Scifi Fridays was a must to stay home and watch Farscape? BSG is just as great, now Sarah Jane is also on friday and next week Dr. Who Series 4. Is this the new face of Scifi Fridays or just a bunch of bunk?

  1. sarah-jane says:

    holy crap
    my name is sarah-jane!!!
    😀 A PROGRAM WIF MA NAME IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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