Mouse Guard Fall 1152 Graphic Novel Review

Posted: April 16, 2008 in Scifi
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As I was working at my library branch, I went to the children’s department to see if there were any new books for me to read off the desk. To my surprise, and rare for this to happen, I found this book: Mouse Guard – Fall 1152 which grabbed my right from the first page. By reading the preface, written by David Petersen himself, he sets up the Mouse Guard universe without much set up. This reminds me of the 30 Days of Night graphic novel and how the mice mise en scène was very easy to follow without a great deal of setup. Unlike many other superhero graphic novels, which I enjoy, they can get bogged down with too much details and slow the story down. For me, I really enjoy a simple stories told incredibily well is more difficult to pull off than a complicated one. Having said that, as I am currently reading Dune for the book group, this universe is very complicated and multi-layered that will throw off many first time fans. I can appreciate the details but it takes great deal of energy and effort to absorb the material; at least it does for me.

There are many comparisons one could make to Mouse Guard such as the Secret of Nimh, Lord of the Rings, Three Mouseketeers Musketeers, Jacques Brian’s Redwall series and Watership Down. With the last reference, I remember seeing Watership Down on HBO when this cable channel first started and I was completely horrified by the violence and death of so many rabbits. Luckily, Mouse Guard is tame by comparison but this is not to say the mice don’t face their own share of scary battles. The picture above is a great showcase that displays the threats the Mouse Guard face externally. However, as the story unfolds, the internal threat is the far greater story the Mouse Guards face. I don’t want to give too much details about the story but beware of the Black Axe.

As for NY Comic Con, he is schedule to be there and will have to miss David’s panel on sunday 4/20. I’m hoping to stop by the booth for Archaia Studios Press the publishers of Mouse Guard and say hi and to possibly book him for a library event down in Miami. Stay tuned for more information.





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