BSG Season 4 – The Ties That Bind Episode Review

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Scifi
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Sorry for the delay but NY Comic Con put me behind 3 weeks worth of BSG.

Opening teaser with Brother Cavil was quick and to the point recapping of what happened to him and the other models in the blood bath. We then jump into Cally and Chief going at it like many couples struggle with the demands on their own lives and their lives together raising a child. Like many fustrating nights, I know what Cally is feeling in trying to calm one’s child. We see her dependence on something else that is not Stims per se but some other drug to deal with the pressure. On a side note, Nicki Clyne who plays Cally was a little heavier at the beginning of the BSG series but she has lost a great deal of weight that I almost didn’t recognize her. Anywho, back to the review. The use of the spinning light shaped moons and stars from a lamp seen in their quarters really added a heightened element of one’s life “spinning”  out of control. Nice touch. I did want to mention, Cally finds a napkin from Joe’s Bar. Cally then makes the connection that this was the place Chief went.

Okay, for starters, since the war began and the fleet had always been on the run, how many napkins did Joe’s Bar bought or brought with them to have them still available and with their logo some 4 years later? I would think that maybe the first couple of months the supplies of these napkins would have run out and turned into regular napkins or paper towels. You know, just like when you go to the bathroom and you realize that you did your biz and… where’s the toliet paper? So as you hop around the apartment, house, bunker, what have you that you start looking for something to wipe the asteroids from your bum and then you use paper towels. The quicker picker upper… I don’t care as long as they do the job well which goes back to the situation at Joe’s. (Wow, I really had issues with this and the teaser is not even over.) Second, all the papers on the series has had the corners cut off. This was a running joke on the show and how they needed to save money by cutting all corners. So, they literally cut all the corners of all papers on the show and for the most part very consistent. If you look at the pic of the napkin Cally is holding, I see corners. Don’t you? Cally goes to the bar and sees the Chief and Tory who is obviously making the moves on him. Since this pushed her over the edge, she should have saved her barf and spilled her beans all over Tory. Fair is fair, Billie Jean. (If you know this reference, you are old.) The only thing that did not work was the hazy halo framing around Cally. I know that this is to represent the confusion or the fuzziness buzz in her but when it is not used as a POV shot, the effect is not really clear especially when this is cut with other normal shots.

Finally, off the napkin issue and we see the President getting her treatment from Doc Cottle or at least, that is what we are made to believe. We see someone in a doctor’s lab coat, we hear the voice of Cottle saying some dialogue that could have been lifted from 2 seasons ago but we never see the head shot. Hmmm? What I loved about this scene is how Adama came in to the shot, sat down, and started to read out loud from a book to the President. She is at times smiling and this is one of those moments that speaks so much volume about their relationship and how much they mean to each other. They have been through some great moments of humanity and have shown their faults to each other but still they have this great admiration for one another and that if we see them engage physically, the magic is ruined.

In the next scene, President Roslin is standing side by side with the younger Adama, Lee Adama during his press conference. She looks so incredibly powerful, regal, and damn sexy in her glasses. She is the very definition of the phrase, “Never let them see you sweat.” Yes, she has had her down moments but for the most part, she embodies the authority that people will follow.

I did notice watching this episode online, there was something either wrong with streaming audio or there was a really bad dubbing new lines over the ones already filmed. Let me know if you heard this too.

We jump to the Demetrius, were we find Starbuck going over star charts, notebooks, and display screens looking for Earth. What seems no clear was Starbuck’s claim on where Earth is located. I would assume that she was able to jump back to the point where they picked her up at when she came back to the fleet. From that point on, wouldn’t her internal navgation have turned on by now?

The meeting between Six, Boomer(s) and Brother Cavil was pretty interesting to watch. I’m still not clear about what is going on with the Cyclons as we started out the series as They Have A Plan to now oh,…ummm, we, uhhh, find things to make us go. No, no, no. I loved the mystery of the Cylon models being human and the sleeper cells amongst us. But as we delve into the mythos and pulled the curtains to their world, are all these problems part of a larger picture we can’t see or are we being fed McCrap? You know… fast food bullsh*t stories. I will say this, the older model robotic Cylons are beautifully rendered and how the lights reflect off them is so well done. Bravo.

Lee makes another appearance at a Quorum meeting. He is early, eager and looks like Tom Cruise from the movie The Firm or any other Cruise movie in which his hair is always neating combed with a parted on one side. Zarek finally comes out of the President’s shadows and speaks to Lee about the things he has seen with Roslin. While the concerns are legitimate, he asks Lee to be the type of person that does not follow blindly to authority figures. Lee has been outspoken to the President and the Admiral before but done so behind closed doors. Will he then buck the system and involve others of the Quorum, if need be, to overthrow the President if she becomes the One to save them all as Zarek puts it?

Back to the Demetrius, Starbuck is now painting on the ceiling over her bed of the star system she needs to find. This had many shades of Richard Dreyfuss from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind when he kept having the vision of Devil’s Mountain. Anders comes in to get some answers from her as he figures he would be able to but in the end he ends up fraking Starbuck, like who wouldn’t. Here’s another side note, if after fraking you are still awake and talking, it wasn’t that fraking good; you should be fraking alseep. Besides, when the girl you just frakked asks you if she seems crazy to you, get the frak out of there, dude.

The Quorum meeting amazed me with the simple mindedness of what is in it for me mentality. Here is this scene of arguing factions amongst one another and yet the much larger problem of the Cylons threat on the backdoor is nothing more than a nuisance. If we scale this back to our reality, we are very much living in the same situation. We really haven’t moved forward from 9/11 and the sense of patriotism and of common unity has really faded like a distant memory. Unfortunately, this is what we are. Jumping back to meeting, as expected, Lee makes a stand against Roslin who, under controlled anger, agreed to speak about the new Executive Order Zarek gave him. This was something expected in Lee’s character and if he didn’t act the way that he did, I would have extremely upset. After so many years of investing my time watching this show and the seeing characters interact, I know what to expect and the writers have continued writing great conflicts.

A quick couple of scenes, we see Six and Boomer(s) get blown to bits by Brother Cavil. Cally sneaks a peek on her hubby’s secret Cylon clubhouse meeting and runs back to her quarters going frakking bonkers. Chief comes back, Cally conks him out, and runs into an airtube with her son. While I agree this was really something she shoudn’t have done ie she could have gone to Cottle and dropped off her son at least and then run off. The other part, as she had to override key, she should have kept Tory out by locking herself in and not include her in the same compartment. As for the way this was going to end, I really hated to see her as death really added nothing to the storyline. Her death would have been more effective at the firing squad on New Caprica as this would have been a greater motivation for Chief to get revenge against Cylons and those who worked along side them. Look at the death of Ellen Tigh. Saul had kill her even though she did what she had to do to same his life. There is the great drama that Cally’s death lacks.

On a final side note, I know FINALLY, the last scene with Adama seating with the Chief, one would think that there has to be sometype of investigation into her death. Interviewing Cottle would help open up some more questions but the biggest one would be how did Cally get spaced if the control were external? Isn’t there some type of log or recording devices? Overall, there wasn’t much action or meat on this episode but rather a continuation of a storyline that was too long from the previous week.

1 review down and 2 left before Friday’s.

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  2. rickandreoli says:

    The whole Callie thing messed me up. I’m quite uncomfortable with some of the plots this season, but in the best possible way– knowing it’s all leading to something amazing.

    Did you see the pic of Steve meeting Katee?


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