Marlon Oakley / Marvel Civil War Graphic Novel Review

This is going to be a 2-fer entry. Let’s begin with Marlon Oakley. Earlier this week, I had to travel to Tampa from Miami for a face to face class meeting. Along the way, between Naples and Tampa, I stopped at North Port. I stopped by Quiznos for lunch with my copy of Marvel Civil War Graphic Novel. (Review of Civil War after this entry.) As I was eating my lunch, one of the employees noticed my graphic novel and we quickly had a conversation about comic books. As the it turns out, he is an artist and since I am interested as a writer to collaborate, I had to get his information. In less than five minutes, Marlon drew this profile without the benefit of making any prelim sketches. I was truly blown away by his talent. He did tell me that he was planning on going to FAU in the fall which is on the east coast of Florida. This lead me to think about getting him for an event at the library I work at and the future plans I want to do with the Teens Programming. If you like what you see, drop a comment on my blog or email me: and I will forward it to him. Now on to my review of Marvel Civil War.

Let me start with this caution, I am really far behind on the storyline that my review may be skewed. For the most part, having collected individuals comics at a very young age and trades into my teens and twenties, I knew who were all the major players. Every since the Death of Superman, DC and Marvel have been trying to outdo each other with bolder storytelling that shakes the universe(s). Along comes, the Ultimates and the Marvel universe has been reset. For the most part, I really enjoyed the more mature storytelling that resembled much like the famous Watchmen graphic novel. As we jump several years from then, we see two camps that are either for the Registration of the hero’s identity and becoming an agent of SHIELD and those who are against it. Those who are old enough to remember the X-Men mutant registration storyline will see many similarities. Gripes aside, I still want to see what happened. Unfortunately, this graphic novel collection made up several different comic titles which show the effects of the Civil War but I was not impressed.

For starters, the She-Hulk opening story really failed to get my attention. Although, I knew, not read, what Wanda did to She-Hulk during the House of M series, we see the hint as to why Jennifer Walters doesn’t want to change into the big mean green. As she has to defend some members of the New Warriors, which I have no clue who they are, she finally changes and in the end gets engaged. Snore. I collected all the She-Hulk’s first run comics when it first came out and I love other graphic novels since then but this was not a great story to read.

The second storyline has to do with Venom. Macdonald Gargan is Venom??? Again, I have no clue who this person is nor is there any connection to the She-Hulk storyline. As Macdonald be about to be arrest, the Venom symbiote attacks the arresting officers. It over before it starts and then two heroes, Songbird and Radioactive Man pick up the slack but nothing else happens. What?!

Next, the Ant-Man imposter started off with a promise as Pym’s suit designed was stolen from SHIELD. Iron Man leads the charge with his team but once more the story ends with very little action or closure.

The Daredevil story followed Ant-Man. Here was an interesting storyline which turns out that Iron First is portraying Daredevil. So, not having followed Daredevil, I need to find out what Matt.

U.S. Agent which I am vaguely familiar with turned in a better than average tale. Agent was been sent to become an American liason to the new Alpha Flight Program. Agent verbally attacks Tony Stark and I love the brief but snarky remarks. Once again, the storyline ends before I can into action.

Now, the worst part of the book has to do with Howard the Duck. Why? I never liked Howard to begin with back in the 70’s, the movie sucked beyond belief despite Lucas’ name and having the hot Lea Thompson. The plot line here is that Howard needs to register and ends up on the wrong line. I read it to see if Howard was any better and it wasn’t. Sorry.

The return of Captain Marvel had least some resemblence of a complete story that had me. I remember back in the 70’s that Marvel had these braclets which, correct me if I’m wrong, was the source of his powers. In this version, Marvel time travels and dies. Again, this plotline had some interesting points to delve further in this storyline both pre and post Civil War.

The Sentry is completely foreign character to me. I’ve seen his picture once or twice in the past couple of years. It’s not fair to say I dislike this tale but I wish I knew more. The fight between Sentry and Kreel was pretty cool.

Next, Michael Pointer a.k.a The Collective is being interrogated for the death of the Alpha Flight team. Just like The Sentry, I really need to know more but what I read was really interesting. I need to know more about Xorn.

The last storyline starts with Ms. Marvel talking to Iron Man about something that he was not going to be happy with. I would conclude that Marvel was supposed to bring in Spiderwoman in since she was against the registration. As the conversation progressed after defeating the Grey Gargoyle, it appeared that Tony was interested in Jessica Drew – Spiderwoman. They had a great chemistry of being friends who are on opposite sides of the registration issue. The story then ends with Iron Man looking at the all the profiles SHIELD collected with the possibilites of creating the New Avengers.

While I am eager to find out more about the Civil War origins and how Iron Man became so powerful, this graphic novel collections was poorly put together for those fans who wanted to jump in this storyline. Better luck next time.

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