There Really is a Wolf 359??? Holy Klingon!!!

Posted: May 15, 2008 in Scifi
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Okay, I will admit to ignorance. Way back when Star Trek: The Next Generation was on, the infamous Best of Both Worlds episode pitted the Borg against the Federation at Wolf 359. Honestly, I never that Wolf 359 actually existed.

I was helping a patron earlier today trying to find some materials on the laws of attraction. In the process, I discovered this book, The Universe and Beyond (No Buzz Lightyear jokes). I looked through the index and saw a quick mention of Wolf 359. I YELLED inside my head, “It’s REAL?” As I researched futher, just to make sure I the info was correct, I discovered that this star is about 7.5 light years from Earth. The discovery of the star was done back in 1918 by German astronomer Max Wolf. Who would of thunk it? Now, admit it. Did you honestly know this too? If you did, you are a liar and your pants are on fire; so there.


  1. link says:

    actually, i’ve known about it since before i ever saw that episode. i have a couple astronomy books here


  2. G-Man says:

    Episode 8 of Season One of the original “Outer Limits” tv series, broadcast in 1964, was titled “Wolf 359.”


  3. Tom says:

    Of course, wolf 359 is the third closest star to Earth. It’s pretty much common knowledge. It’s almost like you said you never heard of Alpha Centauri. You got caught in trap of your own ignorance, thinking your own level of stupidity is the utmost level of knowledge, and nobody knows better. Idiot.


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