DC vs Marvel: A Web Design Project for School

Sorry folks for not updating my blog with new entries. With the death of our family’s cat Jayna, my trip up to Tampa for class, and the Memorial holiday weekend, blogging was not on my mind; although I miss writing. On this note, I wanted to let you know that for the next month or two, my blogging will slow down, at least on this site, as I have to write on two other blogs for class. The one that I would like you to read is my Website development blog called http://thetechconnection.wordpress.com/. Since the project requires to creating and design a web site that is at least 3-4 pages deep, I came up with a brainstorm last night.

I am thinking of creating a DC vs Marvel fansite. Much like growing up in NY, you either liked the Yankees or the Mets or you played Atari or Intellivision. The same could be said about the DC and Marvel Universe. The site will have info about each company from the beginning to the present; hopefully. (That’s two pages down if I do one on each brand or one if I combine them.) The last part of the part is to do a DC/Marvel smackdown much like the picture above. There are two things I want to ask of you. First, who would you like to see fight? My wife came up with Batman vs Iron Man. This may be my first confirmed contest. While I will not be having any flashy website elements, I am looking for some art work which leads me to the second part. If you would like to have your artwork be part of the site, please email me your interests: monsterscifishow@gmail.com.

There is your assignment and you have 15 seconds left before this message self destructs.






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