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Posted: June 24, 2008 in Scifi
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Today, we had one of the busiest mornings due to a summer camp of 8 to 14 year old boys and girls showing up out of the blue. We had an impromptu storytelling event as well as a YA event. Last week, going through my Google Reader, I came across an article about Vroengard Academy.

If you are familiar with Eragon by Paolini, there is a third book coming out and a new website called Vroengard Academy. I went to the site and registered myself. There are different weekly trails that are mental, physical, and magical. On the mental trail, under week one, I found this riddle below. I wasn’t sure how to use this as an event until one of the pages, Cristina, started playing with the white board and did a Good Will Hunting posting. To explain, Will was able to solve a complex math problem a professor left on the board. Cristina thought the same for some fun and that’s when I thought this is where the riddle can fit. Read below and see if you can solve it with Googling it.

Jump back today, the kids were getting a little restless so I told them to go solve the riddle and win a prize. I even went so far to even let them cheat on the computer if they could find the answer. Oddly even, they did not have the correct answer but came up with really good guesses. I decided to at least reward them with some free comic books and posters I had gotten from the various convention outings. About some 15 minutes later, they come running saying that they knew the answer. I asked how were they able to solve it and they said that employee over there in the corner helped. It turned out, a co-worker name Philip was playing hangman with them and used the answer in the game. They now wanted a bigger prize for solving the puzzle. I told them the prize was self awareness and that was the biggest prize of them all. We did have a good laugh, we gave them library keychains which all the kids got one regardless if they played or not. A good time was had by all and all had a good time.


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