Transcripts from Scifi/Fantasy Book Group – Twilight

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Scifi
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I wanted to share with everyone what was done at yesterday’s book group. When reading the transcripts please feel free to share your views and comments. Next book group will be on September 24 @ 6pm. We will be doing another Stephenie Meyer book – The Host. Come join us then.

16:04 monster7of9 We’ll I just finished the first book this afternoon.

16:04 monster7of9 It was an interesting take on vampires even though is was barely mentioned in the book.

16:05 Aya true

16:05 monster7of9 What took me aback was how Edward was able to walk in daylight provided it was cloudy.

16:06 Aya but I liked how they gave the idea of “Vegiterian” Vampires

16:06 Hatori-Moons yea, it’s different from what’s usually heard about vampires

16:06 Aya well i always thought about the whole daytime thing

16:06 Hatori-Moons but the fact that it was cloudy does help, since there was no direct sunlight

16:07 monster7of9 If you look at the comic book or movie version of Blade, he had all the abilities of a vampire and none of the weakness. He control his urges through some type of drug.

16:07 Aya Yea

16:07 Aya wasn’t he half vampire though?

16:08 monster7of9 Angel tv series was able to use the LA sewers to travel the city as well as a blacked out car.

16:09 Aya True

16:09 Hatori-Moons hm, don’t know much about those two O.o

16:09 Aya I’m going to have to make you watch them Hari

16:10 Aya They’re really good

16:10 Hatori-Moons hm, ok. So now I’ll have movies to watch, books to read, and games to play

16:10 Aya wow

16:10 monster7of9 I don’t remember if Angel had a mental connection to Buffy.

16:10 Aya Hm… I don’t remember him having one.

16:10 monster7of9 I know Edward couldn’t read Bella. Is this explained in the other two books?

16:11 Hatori-Moons um… sort of

16:11 Aya uh… Not yet really. I think Breaking Dawn will explain it more

16:11 monster7of9 This is from the official book group online for twilight: Is the fact that Edward can’t read Bella’s thoughts more important than it seems? Will it serve a larger purpose?

16:11 Hatori-Moons yea. Edward is kinda still puzzled as to why it happens

16:12 Aya I think it will have to do with her Powers as a Vampire

16:13 Aya and I really want to know what her powers will turn out to be, I’m so anxious about it

16:14 monster7of9 I know at the end of book one she wanted to be turned, was there something in her past?

16:15 Aya Not that I remember. All I remember about her past is her living in LA with her Mom

16:16 monster7of9 Here’s another question: Bella faints at the smell of blood. If she were to become a vampire, how might this serve as a hindrance? How might it be an asset?

16:17 Aya Well if she faints from smelling Blood she may not be able to DRINK said blood. Big hindrance there

16:18 Aya I don’t really see that as an asset

16:18 monster7of9 I would think this type of arrangement would be the death of her. How could she feed? Pour some blood in juice or soda like you would put a child’s medicine in juice.

16:19 monster7of9 Hatori, any cooments?

16:19 monster7of9 comments, sorry.

16:20 Hatori-Moons well, I can see how her fainting at the sight of blood would be a problem

16:20 Hatori-Moons but, it may help her control her urge to drink it, also

16:20 monster7of9 But she would still have to hunt like Edward to drive down the urge.

16:21 Hatori-Moons hm, thats true

16:21 Hatori-Moons there wouldn’t be a chance of that going away if she’s turned into a vampire, would there?

16:22 Aya Maybe

16:23 Aya Like when you’ve lived in a certain area for a long period of time the smells that may have made you sick before don’t.

16:23 Hatori-Moons yea, since you get used to them

16:23 Aya Exactly

16:23 monster7of9 Perhaps is she were to become a vampire, the smell of blood would not smell like rust as she mentioned. If it smelled better like the way Edward describes Bella’s scent, that should work.

16:24 Aya True, Edward said that her blood smelled really sweet.

16:25 Hatori-Moons yea, they become more sensitive to it and all that. So maybe Bella would find that blood smells differently to her

16:25 monster7of9 On the topic of feeding, there are different versions of one become a vampire.

16:26 monster7of9 In Dracula with Gary Oldman, you had to be bitten 3 times in order to be turned.

16:27 monster7of9 In twilight, we don’t the exact details but there is some type of venom when a vampire bites a human.

16:27 Aya Yea. And there was Interview with a Vampire. I’m pretty sure it was that movie That you didn’t HAVE to be turn’d if you had gotten biten it was up to the Vampire that was bitting you

16:27 Hatori-Moons oh

16:28 Aya They don’t really go into detail in that Movie about it though. Maybe the Book has it more in detail

16:28 monster7of9 Speaking of which, Edward was turn to a vampire to save his life. Was there any mention of how? I don’t think there was.

16:29 Aya Not in the first book.

16:29 Hatori-Moons yea, it’s explained later on

16:29 Aya But in the third Book they explain it more.

16:29 monster7of9 okay

16:30 Aya it is the third Book right?

16:30 Hatori-Moons wasn’t it the second one?

16:31 Hatori-Moons no actually yea, I think you’re right, it probably was the third book

16:31 monster7of9 Is there a running storyline on all the books?

16:32 Aya yea it basically the same story split into more then one book

16:32 Hatori-Moons yea, the story picks up from the last book, so you can’t really just start reading the second or third book and not read the first one, and fully understand everything

16:32 Aya I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn

16:33 monster7of9 Is Edward selfishly putting Bella in danger or is Bella being too stubborn for her own good? Is it a little bit of both? What are the threatening factors facing Bella and are there ways of avoiding them?

16:33 Hatori-Moons well, some threatening factors already present are the vampires themselves

16:33 Aya I think it’s Bella being stubborn

16:34 Aya Becuase Edward TRIED to push Bella away and she just wouldn’t have it

16:34 monster7of9 If Edward didn’t become involved with Bella the chase at the end would have never happened.

16:35 Aya True, but Bella wouldn’t give up till she got what she wanted

16:35 Hatori-Moons yea, but then there wouldn’t be a storyline, or at least the one there is now. it’d be really different, probably

16:35 Hatori-Moons she still hasn’t gotten it, though

16:35 Aya True.

16:38 Aya See i don’t understand how Bella couldn’t realize that… What was his name? Well what ever his name was, didn’t have her Mom from hearing her repeat her name and it end up being from a home video.

16:39 Hatori-Moons oh, him… wasn’t his name Vincent or something?

16:39 Aya I don’t remember his name.

16:39 Aya I remember Victoria

16:39 Hatori-Moons I would have thought the voice would sound odd, it being from a home video

16:39 monster7of9 I think it was Vincent.

16:41 Hatori-Moons or at least different from how actual people sound when they’re in the room. but I guess it was just because Bella was panicking, and didn’t make the connection right away

16:41 monster7of9 The first thing I was thinking, why doesn’t Bella write down who was on the phone?

16:42 monster7of9 At least clue in the people, vampires, that are trying to protect you.

16:42 Aya Because it would worry Edward

16:42 Hatori-Moons but even then, that might cause them to not allow her to leave more than they already were

16:42 Aya I think the Evil Vamp’s name was James

16:44 Hatori-Moons yea, it’s James

16:44 monster7of9 I went to IMDB, it is.

16:45 monster7of9 Reminder: We have about 10 more minutes for this book group.

16:46 Hatori-Moons so yea, and if James was telling Bella not to tell anyone about it, her being in her panicked state, she wouldn’t tell anyone, not wanting the risk of him finding out, in case he really did have her mom

16:46 Aya Hm… You know I like’d the ending How Bella ended up going to the dance with a huge Cast

16:47 Hatori-Moons That was interesting

16:47 Aya i thought it brought back some of the humor in the story

16:48 monster7of9 Other storyline – Jacob Black’s father, is he more in the other books?

16:48 Aya Yea.

16:49 monster7of9 Does the bad blood he feels for Cullens explained?

16:49 Aya So is Jacob and his fellow Quileutes

16:49 Aya Yea

16:50 Aya in quite a interesting way to say the least.

16:50 monster7of9 And as far as Alice, does she get to remember when she was turned?

16:50 Aya Hm… I don’t think that’s mentioned again is it Hari?

16:51 Hatori-Moons Um… not that I can remember

16:51 monster7of9 Okay, for the next five minutes, are there any books you would recommend for the next book group?

16:52 Aya I’d say The Host

16:52 monster7of9 The next one will not be until September 24

16:52 Aya It’s great, I love the story line and I am recomending the book to all of my friends

16:53 Hatori-Moons Blood and Chocolate’s good also, if you’re into Werewolves

16:53 monster7of9 If we do the Host, will you not only tell them to read but come to this program?

16:53 Aya Sure can

16:53 monster7of9 Blood and Chocolate? Is that L.A.

16:54 monster7of9 L.A. Banks?

16:54 Hatori-Moons L.A. Banks?

16:55 monster7of9 the author of blood and chocolate.

16:55 Hatori-Moons no, I believe the author is Annette Curtis Klause

16:56 Aya yea it’s Annette

16:56 monster7of9 Okay.

16:56 Aya There’s also the Eargon Triligoy

16:56 monster7of9 All right, let’s make The Host the next book for the online book group.

16:57 Aya Ok

16:57 Hatori-Moons Ok, thats cool. I’ll probably come again to that one if I’ve read the Host by then

16:57 monster7of9 Please send me an email to so I can keep you up to date with the time and any new info.

16:57 Aya Knowing me I’d get you to read it before hand.

16:58 monster7of9 Any interest in the audio version?

16:59 monster7of9 Thank you very much to attending this book group and don’t forget to tell your friends to join us. Take care.

16:59 Aya Speaking of The Host I really need to finish. I want to see why my mom doesn’t like the ending

16:59 Aya Ok bye

17:00 Hatori-Moons byes

17:00 monster7of9 Bye Aya and Hatori


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