Create Your Own Comics Event

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Scifi
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I am planning on an event at my library to introduce kids and teens to the world of creating comics. Click here to view this event for more information. If you are a writer, illustrator, tracer  inker or creator of your own comics, please drop me a line: as I am looking to have some type of virtual comics panel.

Take a look at Webcomic Overlook Blog. Love the content of information.

  1. El Santo says:

    Hey, Chief. Mind if I link this notice to my blog? (Clicking on my name above gets you there: I’m not a writer or illustrator (by trade, anyway), but I do get quite a few webcomic types dropping by my site. Some of them pretty good, actually.


  2. […] Lopez of the Monster Sci-Fi Show Blog is putting together an event at his local library to chat comic books with kids and teens about how […]


  3. J. Baird says:

    I’ve been doing a comic making activity (called the Create a Comic Project) for a couple years now. I’m also a comic writer. If you want any suggestions or some material you can give the kids to play with, I can definitely help you out. I’ll send you an email.


  4. I agreed with you


  5. nathaliedls says:

    hey im probably no where near where you live, but do things like that!! i wish there were more where im at


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