Happy Anniversary to the Monster Scifi Show Blog

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Scifi
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Today is my official 1 year anniversary for my Monster Scifi Show Blog. As I wrote earlier, when I started for the month of July 2007, I had reached about 62 total hits. A year later, I have reached over a quarter of a million hits. My busiest day to day was on 1.18.08 was due in part to the Cloverfield movie.

I am quite pleased with the amount of work I’ve put in and look forward to the long work still ahead of me. My podcast is up and running as you can see from the previous entry. Please take the time to listen as the content of the information is something will not find out their on the net. In addition, I look to you to make me a better podcaster and blogger. I am looking to have more contests, more content to match your interests and more interaction on a mobile level.

Share your thoughts below or email at monsterscifishow@gmail.com.

  1. Wendy Koenigsmann says:

    I have a question. Was there ever an episode called “Ko?” I think it was about a young man and woman who escaped from a horrible situation using Egyptian magic, while looking at this symbol named “Ko.” I am pretty certain it was a Monsters Episode? Please email me at w.koenigsmann@gmail.com. THANKS.


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