Create Your Own Comic Part 1

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Scifi
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In October, for Teen Read Week, I am planning on an event called, “Create Your Own Comics.” As part of the planning process, I am looking to get some type of virtual panel discussion as well as some mini workshops like drawing, writing and putting together a comic together. In addition, I wanted to discuss ways to produce these books using traditional paper to online reproductions. While all these items would be great to have, there was still something else missing. I had this thought of making my own comic using the information and instructions I plan to use for the event. The problem was what would the comic be about?

This past saturday, I noticed one of my co-workers, Arnold, standing with his arms behind him, hand clasped together, and looking out the window. The first thing that came to mind was Anakin, from Attack of the Clones, over looking the Naboo vista early in the morning after his dream of his mother from the night before. I started telling my co-worker this and some how we talk about Aliens from the HR Giger creation. This is when it hit me on doing a crossover story of Aliens vs Jedis. I so geeked out on the idea and I couldn’t stop thinking about all weekend long about how this story will start and end on a huge cliffhanger. While I made some very rough sketch ideas for the cover, most of the artwork will be done my Arnold. Before coming to the thought of lawsuit for copyright infringement, I am only using this as an educational excerise and nothing more. However, since Dark Horse owns the rights to both franchises, this is something that I would like to think there is a market for this concept. In any case, much like the blog I did for my class project DC versus Marvel website, I am going to keep a running diary with scanned pictures of sketches and rough notes.

If you are interested in help me with the illustration please email me  Monster: and put in the subject trw. Only serious interests please.

  1. Arnold says:

    you forgot 2 mention that it all began with an electronic stapler! the alien reflex


  2. monster7of9 says:

    my bad. I knew I was forgetting something.


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