Indiana Jones V; I Have a Bad Feeling About This…

As I was looking on the ‘net, I found this tidbit about IJ5 which is not to be confused with ID4.

George Lucas told SCI FI Wire that preliminary research has begun on a story for a possible fifth Indiana Jones movie, but added that such a film is one of dozens of potential projects currently crowding his schedule.

“It sits on the shelf there as one of 50 projects that I have to deal with,” Lucas said in an interview on Aug. 4 at his Big Rock Ranch in San Rafael, Calif., where he was promoting the upcoming computer-animated feature film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. “And if I can come up with a story …”

But, Lucas added: “It’s very hard to come up with stories for that thing. You know, It’s really impossible. Because it has to be real. I has to be something that actually happened. It has to be something people know about. It has to be supernatural. It’s a really difficult research project. Which they’re researching now. You know, and last time it took 14 years. So … ”

Lucas was referring to this summer’s fourth Indiana Jones film, subtitled The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was in development for more than a decade before the pieces finally came together.

In recent press interviews, Lucas has said that the three principals–himself, director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford–all have to agree on the idea for a fifth film to move forward. He has also said that Spielberg is more amenable to the idea of a further installment than he was last time around.
Source: Scifi Wire

I might be in the minority to say that Indiana Jones needs to find another lead to play this role or leave the series alone. While I enjoyed watching the new movie, Ford’s age was something of a bother. It’s not his fault that he aged but it shows on the big screen. In addition, it was nice to see Karen Allen once more, her role as Marion was nothing as compared to her feisty, take charge, no nonsense persona in the first Indy movie. So, where am I going with this? I don’t want to have my Indy memories tainted like seeing Roger Moore as James Bond in A View to a Kill where it was painful to watch. Moore had a great run as Bond and Ford needs to let someone else to take over his role. If this franchise is to go forward, let someone take over the reigns with a fresh take and perspective. If it works for Bond, why not Indy?

This begs the question, if you had the chance to cast the role of Indiana Jones, who would be you’re choices?In writing this entry, it saddens me to know that River Phoenix who played a fantastic younger Indy is no longer around to take over. Shia was incredible with his action scenes and is more than capable of continuing the Jones legacy but not as Jones himself.

Well? Let me hear your thoughts.


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  2. Heh. A replacement would be an interesting concept, since Indiana Jones is, in some ways, as much a tribute to James Bond as it is an homage to adventure serials. Shia may be the heir apparent, since it looks like he’s the Spielberg golden boy. I don’t know how far you can take the series using a 1950’s/60’s setting, though. Personally, I’d like to see Matthew Fox don the hat. He’s got the look, and his role on Lost reminds me of some aspects Ford brought to Indy (mainly grim confidence in the face of the unknown).


  3. Matthew Fox would definitely fit the bill grant he is able to leave Lost to pursue other project. Excellent suggestion.

    Anyone else?


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