Create Your Own Comic Part 4: Aliens vs Jedis Cover

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Scifi
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From my previous post, I met Marlon Oakley on one of my trips up to Tampa for MLIS class. He truly amazed me with his talent as he was able to draw a quick profile in less than 5 minutes. I had told him about the library event that I was planning on and I knew that I wanted him to be involved somehow.

Since I wanted to create a comic for my event, I contacted Marlon to do the cover. I also wanted to document the different stages for my blog as a way of a diary. I sent an email to Marlon with a jpeg of a sith fighting a jedi. I wanted to see the sith be replaced with an alien creature. Take a look at this concept of Aliens vs Jedis cover.

Even with just the b&w pic, I’m blown away with the amount of detail in the pic. Please, please, leave your comments below for Marlon. He deserves a great deal of praise.

  1. This is A says:

    lookz good. great podcast by the way. keep them coming.


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