Thompson On Hollywood: Superman Status Update

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Scifi
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In light of this summer’s blockbusters with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight really outpaced both films. However, the DC/WB relationship does need to crank up the development of other DC heroes. I while back, before the writers’ strike, I reported on the Justice League movie in pre-production back in the spring. Many rumors had Brandon Routh and Christopher Bale reprising their roles for the JL movie but that was a bust. Suddenly, for some reason or another, the whole movie came to a screeching halt. Flash forward to May, for those who saw the very last part on Iron Man saw the potenial beginnings of an Avengers movie.

DC needs to continue to fight Marvel in the movie theater. Yes, Watchmen will be high on this list to watch in 2009 but as an ongoing series, this would be very limited and DC should not bank on this idea. Superman Returns did an outstanding job of bringing the old fans of Christopher Reeve’s Superman to adopt Brandon Routh’s performance as the bearer of the Superman torch. As reported below, there are no plans at this time nor writers to get Superman back to the big screen.

Does anyone remember when the big talk about Wonder Woman was that it was being done by Joss Whedon? WW is one of DC’s top draw and why this has also not moved forward is beyond me. On the whole, when it comes to the animated movie direct to dvd’s, DC has been more consistent with their movies ie Superman/Doomsday, JL New Frontiers, and Batman Gotham Knight. Marvel’s Ultimates was incredible but failed on the dismal Ultimates 2. The animated Iron Man was fair. Doctor Strange was something I didn’t care for as a comic reader to begin and with the dvd, why bother?

So DC/WB get your act together!

Thompson On Hollywood: Superman Status Update

  1. bc3263827 says:

    Does DC hold the rights to the Superman and Batman movie franchises? could they do a team up if they wanted to?


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