Lang Lang likes Tom and Jerry

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Scifi
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As the Olympics come to a close, I was watching a quick piece on the pianist Lang Lang who performed in the opening cermonies. During the piece, the NBC interviewer and Lang were surrounded by tons of Lang fans while walking on the streets. Aside from the rockstar treatment, which is really cool for a classsical pianist, there was mention of a cartoon series which fueled his love to play the piano – Tom and Jerry. The episode in question is called “The Cat Concerto”. Below is an the actual episode from YouTube. Who says tv has a bad influence on the young? While many will disagree with that statement, tell me what influences you had from your childhood that still plays a part of what you’re doing today. For me, as I’ve mentioned before Star Wars was a great influence for loving movie soundtracks and scores as well as the scifi genre in general. I am still pressing on the write in different formats from comics to screenplays. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky.



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