Have You Heard of “No Heroics”?

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Scifi
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ITV2 has commissioned Tiger Aspect to make No Heroics, an exclusive sitcom featuring an eclectic cast including Patrick Baladi (The Office, Mistresses, Party Animals, Bodies), Nicholas Burns (Benidorm, Nathan Barley, Man Stroke Woman, Roman’s Empire), James Lance (Moving Wallpaper, Teachers, Smack The Pony, Spaced), Claire Keelan (Sorted, Nathan Barley) and Rebekah Staton (Pulling, Mysterious Creatures, State of Play).
The six-part series is brand new for 2008 and sees a group of British off-duty superheroes living their day-to-day lives –which for supposed saviours of the world is actually rather normal – as they just can’t be arsed to make much of an effort. Instead this group of B-listers would rather get drunk in their local superheroes-only pub, The Fortress, and bitch at one another’s lack of superiority.


Welcome to the No Heroics gang:

The Hotness aka Alex (Nicholas Burns). Alex controls heat
and is desperate to be famous for saving the world (or at
least someone).

Electroclash aka Sarah (Claire Keelan). Sarah can control
machines with her voice; however she would rather steal a
pack of cigarettes from a machine than help the ‘normal’
world with her power.

Timebomb aka Don (James Lance). Don can see sixty
seconds into the future.

She-Force aka Jenny (Rebekah Staton). Jenny has super
strength and is the third strongest woman in the world,
but totally despises being a superhero.

Excelsor aka Delvin (Patrick Baladi). Delvin is the most
successful man in tights.

Source: No Heroics


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