Book Review – The Host by Stephenie Meyers

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Scifi
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Let me start by stating in a nutshell, for a non scifi fan of books or movies, this is THE perfect book to start them off on. For the more moderate to more exterme, hardcore scifi fan, this book is very light with action. However, some of the concepts are engaging enough to keep you interested throughout this lengthy 600+ page book.

To give you some ideas as to what the concepts are think in this book, I am going to use the Trills from Star Trek as my example. There is a host and a symbiont which live together in one body. The host is almost always humaniod and the symbiont is this worm like creature that lives in the belly of the host. The symbiont can live for many generations provided they are transplant out of the old host body and into a new one. In addition, the symbiont will carry all the memories of the previous host experiences. The new host can access those memories and experiences as their own. What we rarely don’t get to hear are the inner dialogues the between the host and the symbiont, if any. However, in this book, we are treated to such an event and this is where the story succeeds.

Without giving too much details and the climax away, Melanie Stryder gets taken over by a Soul. The Souls are the invading force that has pretty much taken over the world. The Soul that get placed in Melanie is called Wanderer. The purspose for this is for Wanderer to gain information about where the rest of the resistance are hiding. What get even more complex are the feelings Melanie and Wanderer towards certain men they meet. The love triangle metaphor does get a new spin in this tale.

Finally, with many other scifi books, there tends to be a great deal of techobabble which gets in the way of telling a good story. This is a good story told extremely well and yet, there is enough scifi elements to please all.


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