What Is Your Favorite Halloween Horror Movie?

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Scifi
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It’s that time once more to celebrate all things scary from the big screen to the small screen. I’m talking about horror movies. Just like with Star Wars launching me into scifi-geekdom there was one movie in the horror genre that had the same impact – HALLOWEEN. I’m not talking about the remake by Rob Zombie but the true original one by director John Carpenter.

I was 11 when I saw Halloween in theater. Mind you, this was a rated R movie my father took me, which now that I am a father, I would not do this to my own children until they are late into their teens. (What was the old man thinking?) However, from that moment one, I was turned onto reading Fangoria and Famous Monsters mags along with my Starlog. The 80’s had some terrific movies that I will revisit on my upcoming podcast for Halloween.

This leads me to ask for your help, sort of. Leave me a comment or two about your favorite horror movies and why. I’ll promise to read on my podcast. So, share your thoughts and let the scary fun…BEGIN.

  1. “The Old Dark House”,
    Starring Gloria Stuart (who
    just turned 98) and Boris
    Karloff ! This classic 1932
    fright flick is an effective
    black and white thriller,
    the old grainy quality of
    the film makes it extra
    creepy, and the horror
    is very minimilistic in it’s
    aproach. Shadows take on
    a life of there own in this
    atmospheric tale of terror !

    Directed by James Whale
    (Best known for “The Bride
    of Frankenstein”) ! This is
    available on DVD ! Check
    it out !


  2. Whoops… I spelled “there” wrong…
    It should be “Shadows take on a life
    of THEIR own” !!! LOL !!!


  3. monster7of9 says:

    No worries. Thanks for the quick comment. I;m going to look into this tonight.


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