Heroes Season 3 Rant from Dye

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Scifi
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Before going into Dye’s rant on Heroes, I am really at a crossroad with this show. This week, a minor character this season was easily killed off with the teaser opening which made me close to changing the channel. The new baddie was revealed which reminded me of Magneto. The only bright spot was of course, Hiro. If it wasn’t for him and Ando, I would have closed the book on the show for good.

Even on my facebook account, Lisa, from Wendy and Lisa (music composer of Heroes), made a comment about my unhappiness with the show:

Lisa Hussein Coleman at 5:05pm October 21
whats to debate? just listen to the score… nevermind that pesky dialogue!

You may ask, why complain? If you care about something deeply then you would complain if there was something wrong, in this case, with the series. If the new tagline for the series is to choose a side, I might choose the side that never watches this show.

In case you’ve missed it, click here to hear my podcast with Dye and Mr Gene about Heroes Season 3.

From Dye:

My reaction to the last episode of Heroes.


Warning! There be cussin’ on her rant. Ye be warned!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

whats to debate? just listen to the score… nevermind that pesky dialogue!
whats to debate? just listen to the score… nevermind that pesky dialogue!

Heroes Season Suck

Reasons this season sucks.

1. Spring cleaning for characters?

Think about what they’ve accomplished this season. Monica? Monica who? Kill off Nikki, good bye Micah. Adam! Welcome back for like…2 episodes, oh yea we were just kidding about the immortality. Elle? We know your the most un normal person ever, but go get a day job or something, company doesn’t need you anymore.

I am amazed and how lamely they’ve written off like 4 characters in 6 episodes. Hell they didn’t even bother with Monica.

2. Sylar doesn’t save kittens, I don’t want to see him saving kittens. Make him succumb to his lame ass hunger and go evil again, then promptly kill him.

3.Mohinder is not a butterfly or any other thing that likes making cocoons and other icky shit. He went from reasonable and logical to being a fucking moron in the premiere, and it’s only gone downhill from there.

Speaking of butterflies, Peter seemed to have stepped on a huge one. Cant save the world, a cheerleader or any other random people in distress if you have no powers. You dumb fuck.

Why am I still watching this shit?! D:


Oh. Right. I’ll stomach this as long as Masi keeps being cool. ❤

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