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Posted: October 27, 2008 in Scifi
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This Halloween, lose the pirate makeup. Last year, people forgave your inappropriate comments because you were in character, but we’re way beyond World’s End now, at least until Johnny Depp begins making the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Instead, here are seven hot costumes for fans of genre movies that you can pull together yourself. (Today, guys. Tomorrow, girls.) Click on the links to get detailed costume information.

The Joker. Yeah, you could spend nearly 800 bucks for an elaborate Dark Knight Batman get-up, but it’s the bad guy who will be popular at the parties this year, thanks to Heath Ledger’s Oscar-worthy performance as the Joker. Although you can buy a pre-packaged costume with a face mask and all, it’s pretty simple to slap this one together at the last minute-—also thanks to the way Heath played the part. Just dab on some clown makeup, smear some lipstick around your mouth, get a bad dye job and find some vintage ’70s disco togs, and you’ve got the entire ensemble. Why be so serious?


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