Transcripts from Scifi/Fantasy Book Group – Devil May Care

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Scifi

While tonight’s chat was with one other person, I still had a great time. Hopefully, after reading this chat transcript you might be interested in joining next time.

15:29monster7of9guest 65493 are you here for the book group


15:30guest65493it’s mike faber

15:30monster7of9Hi Mike thanks for joining


15:30guest65493glad to be here

15:30monster7of9if you want you can change the guest status to your own user name

15:31guest65493trying to figure all that out

15:31monster7of9right click your name and see set nickname

15:33monster7of9Let’s give it 5 more minutes before we start

15:33guest65493yeah thought it would be cheeze to be guest65493

15:33guest65493all my life 😉

15:34monster7of9unless you’re from foster’s home of imaginary friends

15:35guest65493how many people were you expecting here?

15:36monster7of9at least 13 online from facebook including you, two in person at my library

15:36guest65493oh cool

15:36guest65493hope they show

15:36monster7of9One of them is Lisa Coleman from the group Wendy and Lisa – do you know them?


15:37guest65493wendy and lisa of Prine fame?


15:37monster7of9Okay, do you watch Heroes?

15:37guest65493of course

15:37monster7of9Wendy and Lisa write the music for the show

15:38guest65493really??? I didn’t know that..

15:38guest65493that’s very cool

15:39guest65493hmmm dissapointing that now one is showing up

15:39guest65493it sounded great


15:39monster7of9I guess we can start

15:40monster7of9hopefully more will join



15:40guest65493if i could type.. i would be sooo dangerous

15:40monster7of9Mike where in the states are you from, I’m in Miami

15:40guest65493maybe even a spy


15:40guest65493i’m from Atlanta



15:41guest65493where in Miami


15:41guest65493my family lived in Hollywood and Tamarac

15:41guest65493north of you

15:41monster7of9in the suburbs not in the main city, westchester

15:42monster7of9my mom lives in Hallendale just near hollywood

15:42guest65493oh i had an aunt that lived there



15:42guest65493ok onto the book

15:42monster7of9so, have you read the book

15:42guest65493i made it half way through

15:43guest65493started it this past weekend

15:43guest65493it’s great so far

15:43monster7of9okay I promise no spoilers

15:43guest65493it’s funny, how when reading it, I have been picturing daniel craig now as bond



15:44monster7of9I was trying to see who

15:44monster7of9since this is set in the 60’s – this was connery’s turf

15:44monster7of9but I didn’t see him in it

15:45guest65493i didn’t see connery

15:45guest65493in the character

15:45guest65493and I love connery


15:46monster7of9perhaps moore but not a view to a kill moore

15:46guest65493i have read a few of the ian flemming books, and those I always saw connery, in this one I saw craig

15:46monster7of9I was bother by craig’s performance

15:46guest65493moore became a paradoy of himself in a view to a kill

15:47monster7of9he was a better bond in Layer Cake than in Royale

15:47guest65493i can see that

15:48guest65493I liked royale, it was the best bond movie in 10 years

15:49guest65493i thought bronsen was good, but the stories were stale and predicatble

15:49monster7of9Royale had an amazing opening scene but the card game I thought dragged

15:49guest65493oh I agree

15:49monster7of9world was not enough was hampered by denise richards


15:49monster7of9I loved her in Wild Things and Starship Troopers but not World

15:50guest65493i thought hallie barrie was too big of a star to be a bond girl

15:50guest65493she was mugging for screen time too much

15:50guest65493it hurt the franchise

15:50monster7of9yes but there was that one amazing shot of her doing this backwards dive

15:51guest65493yes, but it was like she was the star of the movie and the film and story should be focusing on Bond

15:51guest65493not the girl

15:51guest65493this isn’t ‘The Girl from U.N.C.L.E’


15:52monster7of9In the book, Larissa is more like the Bond girl in the past

15:52guest65493that’s why I liked Royal, it was more bond driven

15:53monster7of9that I’ll give

15:54monster7of9he was more back to the Bond that relied less on gadgets and more on wits and strength

15:54guest65493Oh 100% so

15:54guest65493more of the connery bond

15:54guest65493not the goofy gadget bond

15:54guest65493the book felt like a throwback to some of the early Ian Flemming books, but

15:54monster7of9I guess on that Craig could fit the bill if the book were to be made into a movie

15:55guest65493with the tension that’s going on through the US and Russia and the crap in the middle east

15:55guest65493right now it would be easy to update the book

15:56monster7of9The setting is relevant to the times now but for the 60’s

15:57guest65493the book was an easy read so far, which is good

15:57monster7of9yes, though short. I’m a slow reader but I went through it pretty quick

15:58monster7of9where are you in the book

15:59guest65493Bond and Scarlet have just arried in Helsinki

15:59guest65493they are trying to get back to Paris

16:00guest65493sound familiar?

16:00monster7of9sorry, can you tell me what page

16:01guest65493the book is in the other room


16:01guest65493no biggie

16:01guest65493hmmmm strange how no one else has showed up


16:03monster7of9I know I’m dealing with different time zones but there should have been more

16:04guest65493i had taken the book to the office today to read at lunch and left it there

16:04guest65493sorry 😦


16:04monster7of9I just wanted to know how far to talk about the story

16:05monster7of9Let’s do this

16:05monster7of9what did you think about dr gorner

16:07guest65493gorner is the typical bond villiam


16:08guest65493even the dialog about wanting to acctack russia with nucular warheads

16:08guest65493very cliche

16:08guest65493and very bond

16:08monster7of9he has the brief appearance at the beginning reminded me of goldfinger play the card game in the movie

16:09guest65493oh it’s so very bond

16:10guest65493and there are some great subplots

16:10monster7of9however, the tennis game…. I was not that crazy about

16:12monster7of9him playing tennis was very un-Bond like

16:13guest65493it was a plot device

16:14monster7of9i know but I can’t think of a sport or game that he hasn’t done. I guess tennis fit the bill

16:14guest65493that part i thought was very roger moore


16:15guest65493kind of like part of Live and Let Die where he was the flight instructor

16:16monster7of9it could have been worse. two word. Bond bowling.


16:16guest65493bond badmitten?


16:17monster7of9bond fisherman

16:17guest65493bond cricket?

16:17guest65493it’s very brittish


16:17monster7of9bond table tennis

16:17guest65493bond wii


16:17monster7of9bond ds

16:17monster7of9bond xbox 360

16:18monster7of9bond boggle

16:18guest65493bond tiddleywings

16:18monster7of9bond monopoly

16:19guest65493bond bingo

16:19monster7of9bond battleship

16:19monster7of9bond tic tac toe

16:19guest65493oh wait that’s what he dose in every movie



16:20monster7of9Have you read about Chagrin



16:21guest65493oh the assasin

16:21monster7of9sorry chagrin is the henchman of gorner


16:21guest65493his objob / Jaws

16:22monster7of9that reminded me of the character from the last pierce movie

16:22monster7of9can’t think of the villians name


16:23guest65493that wasn’t the one who had all his nerves and dosn’t feel pain


16:24monster7of9chagrin is similiar in some respects

16:24guest65493no that was the denise richards movie

16:24monster7of9but out of all the henchmen oddjob and jaws are tops

16:24guest65493oh I loved Tatoo

16:25guest65493as the henchmen

16:25monster7of9fine, he was a sneaky bastard even up to the end

16:27monster7of9Okay, we are coming up to the hour of our chat any final words

16:27guest65493oh yeah

16:29guest65493yeah, the book was good

16:29guest65493not great by any means

16:29guest65493but fun

16:29monster7of9the book had some merits

16:29guest65493since it’s bond

16:29guest65493what are you thinking for the next month


16:29monster7of9enough for me to be interested in reading fleming’s book. any suggestions

16:29guest65493Dr No

16:30monster7of9that’s what I thought


16:30guest65493You only live twice

16:30monster7of9my next book for this group, the last one for the year is Baltimore by Mike Mignola

16:30guest65493oh cool

16:31guest65493like Mike’s stuff

16:31monster7of9for 2009, I have Airman, Grease Monkey and the Eyre Affair

16:32monster7of9Mike, I want to thank you very much for your time and interest. Hopefully, there will be a better turnout.

16:32monster7of9I invite you back next month to join me

16:32guest65493ok … have you read.. Anansi Boys

16:32guest65493great book for the club

16:33monster7of9why does that sound familiar

16:33guest65493Neil Gaiman


16:33guest65493highly recomend it

16:33guest65493might be a good book for the club

16:34monster7of9If I get more responders for the next four books, I’ll add this for the next quarter at the library

16:35monster7of9Please tell your friends about this book group


16:35guest65493oh i will

16:35monster7of9Anything I can do for you to support in kind?

16:35guest65493my sister is interested in doing the club

16:35guest65493she just didn’t have time this month

16:36monster7of9that’s okay

16:36monster7of9I hope you can both join me for Baltimore

16:36guest65493Send me the link

16:36guest65493i’m going to st. augustine next week


16:36monster7of9I’ll but in facebook like the bond book and i’ll email you


16:37monster7of9sorry put not but

16:37monster7of9long day

16:37guest65493and I’ll read a bit on the beach

16:37guest65493when are you doing the next chat

16:38monster7of9November 26, last wednesday of november.

16:38guest65493dude that’s the day before thanksgiving

16:38monster7of9I know sorry

16:38guest65493you might not get a ton of people


16:38monster7of9I know

16:38guest65493oh I should be around

16:39guest65493you need better timing

16:39monster7of9I’m scheduled the last wednesday of each month except december


16:39guest65493well count me in

16:39guest65493i like this kind of stuff

16:39monster7of9cool. mike it was a pleasure

16:39guest65493I used to have a comic review thing going when I owned my comic shop


16:40guest65493be well





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