If I was President…. (at the age of 9)

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Scifi
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On the eve of this major political season, I am reminded of a dream I once had to be President at the age of 9. Why 9? During my youth, before Star Wars, hard to imagine life before that major event, there was the Six Million Dollar Man on tv. I was a huge fan and my favorite episode was when Steve Austin fought against Bigfoot played by the late and great Andre the Giant.

For as much I love this clash of the titans showing, I remembered being freaked out by Andre’s eyes. As a latch key kid, I called my mom at work because I kept seeing this image in my apartment and I was alone. Luckily, this past without further incident but I developed a love for all things bigfoot. Also, during these time President Jimmy Carter was in office and we were suffering from an energy crisis and problems in the Middle East. (Interesting how times change but events stay the same.)

This lead me to think that the more important and pressing issue was to solve the existence of Bigfoot. So, as President, I would solve the world’s problems in the first part of my presidency, like the first year, and spend the remaining time to launch an agressive search from coast to coast. I could hear the campaign slogan: “A vote for me is a vote for Bigfoot.” 

Go out and vote for me and bigfoot your favorite candidate and make it count on Election Day. Also, cast you vote on my quick poll. Thanks.



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