Happy Birthday, Lone Ranger


While westerns were my favorite genre, I do remember watching the Lone Ranger series on tv with Clayton Moore. Also, I remembered the movie in 1981 where the actor who played the Lone Ranger had his entire dialogue replaced by another actor’s voice. Despite this, I really liked this movie as a good origins story think of Batman Begins set in the west.

Read below for more news about this strange masked man:

Entertainment Rights Supports this Milestone with New Collectible Merchandise, Live Events and the Release of The Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition 12-Disc DVD Box Set.

     NEW YORK, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ — “Hi-Yo Silver, away!” 2008 marks the 75th Anniversary of The Lone Ranger — a true entertainment franchise and America’s quintessential Western hero. After three feature films, more than 3,000 radio shows, 220 TV episodes, 18 novels, hundreds of comic books, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — and now a new feature film in development from Walt Disney Pictures and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer–The Lone Ranger rides again! In celebration of this major milestone,Entertainment Rights is kicking off a Diamond Anniversary celebration “bigger than the state of Texas,” which includes new collectible merchandise, live events and the release of The Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, a 12-disc DVD box set, on November 11.

    “The Lone Ranger is arguably the most popular Western character of all time,” said Nicole Blake, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Entertainment Rights, North America. “He has influenced generations of fans and set the standard for the popular TV and movie genre, creating a lasting impact on American pop culture that continues today. True classics, like The Lone Ranger, never go out of style.”

     Saddle-Up With The Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition DVD Set!

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