Is This A Sign From Heroes?

Posted: November 23, 2008 in Scifi
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Early on Friday morning, I had to drive once more from Miami to Tampa for a MLIS class. Along the way, I had to make a pit stop for gas and food. Since I was there, I had to use the men’s room which was separate from the station. As I walk up to the men’s room door, I noticed this image right outside. Not only did I have to take this picture for geeky reasons but I notice the streak of um….fluids running along side the famous Heroes icon. Since I had stopped watching Heroes as of last week, this image just proved to me about my feelings were correct. I know I couple of people still watching the show and I have to ask…why? I could list all the reasons why I stopped but I would be interested to hear all the reasons why I should be watching. Email me or post som comments.

  1. Luna says:

    Did your car lose the ability to move after coming in contact with that?

    Maybe an old Italian man will stalk you now like he did Mister African Isaac.

    In response to why watch Heroes after it gets worse and worse…. because Kristen Bell is still in it, she has two more episodes, and that’s exactly how many more episodes I’ll endure. =)


  2. doublebitch says:

    Grunberg almost punched Claire in the face this week, Ando is probably going to become awesome. To see if Spider Suresh can actually make you lose your dinner. In hopes that they’ll kill Peter? Because Kring might have to call you nice things if you dont watch the show out of his pure hate for his own viewers, and because I made you this awesome graphic


  3. monster7of9 says:

    That was very well done. If only we had the power of Captain Power because I would prevent Heroes from littering our digitial airwaves.


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