Transcripts from Scifi/Fantasy Book Group – Baltimore

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Scifi
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16:32monster7of9 it is past 6:30

16:33monster7of9 guest 4322672 are you here for the book discussion

16:33guest4322672 yup

16:33monster7of9 Is this Mike?

16:33guest4322672 yup

16:33monster7of9 cool.

16:34guest4322672 trying to figure out to change my name up here

16:34monster7of9 try to right click your name

16:36guest4322672 hey

16:36guest4322672 brb

16:36monster7of9 k

16:38kalicoms ok

16:38kalicoms much better

16:39monster7of9 k

16:39kalicoms you picked a great book this time

16:39kalicoms i’m not done yet

16:39monster7of9 Goog

16:39monster7of9 good

16:39monster7of9 I just finished 15 minutes ago

16:39kalicoms but man the characters are great

16:39kalicoms i so can see this becoming a series.. or even spin offs

16:39monster7of9 great take on the tin soldier story

16:40kalicoms very much so

16:40kalicoms it was so much more then a vampire story

16:40kalicoms the details of the war and the plauge

16:40kalicoms were horrific

16:40monster7of9 yeah, the vampire was really menacing

16:41monster7of9 I was hooked in the first few pages

16:41kalicoms me too

16:41kalicoms the discription of the war at night, and then after Baltimore was shot

16:41kalicoms and the bats eating the dead or dying

16:42kalicoms i was like “OH MY GOD”

16:42monster7of9 I wonder what is the connection between hellboy’s right hand of doom and baltimore’s left leg

16:42kalicoms Mignola has a thing against body parts

16:42kalicoms LOL

16:43monster7of9 that description about the bats eating the dead does come back towards to end to bite baltimore in the butt

16:43monster7of9 as to why do what they do

16:43kalicoms oh 100%, showing that nature has a meaning for everything

16:44kalicoms that they had their place in the circle

16:44monster7of9 exactly

16:44kalicoms that they weren’t 100% evil

16:44kalicoms but not 100% good either

16:45monster7of9 I’m not sure how far you’ve gotten but I love how we learn about Baltimore from the three gentleman’s meeting

16:45kalicoms oh 100% so

16:45kalicoms the bear story is incedible

16:46kalicoms and the process given depth to the doctor, the salor & the gentleman

16:46kalicoms the perfect foils for Baltimore

16:46monster7of9 this story reminded me of Courage under Fire with Meg Ryan were her troops told different versions of the same character

16:47kalicoms also reminded me of enimies at the gate

16:47kalicoms a bit

16:48monster7of9 mike, is it possible to come back online after 7pm? there is a matter I need to take care of quickly at work

16:48kalicoms sure

16:48monster7of9 thanks

16:48kalicoms np

16:49kalicoms what time do you want to get back on ?

17:06monster7of9 mr mike???

17:08mike hey

17:09monster7of9 thanks

17:09mike guess once again no one shows

17:10monster7of9 the dirty dogs

17:10monster7of9 another thing about baltimore reminds me of how Batman came to be

17:11mike oh very much so..

17:12mike kind of a similar need for venagnce

17:12mike the scene where the vampire ripped out Baltimore’s wife’s throat.. is so sad

17:14monster7of9 yeah the vamp really did a number on him and kept his promise on the damage he would inflict

17:15monster7of9 I like that consistency in a vamp do as you say and follow through

17:15mike oh 100% so

17:16mike moster of his word LOL

17:16monster7of9 correct-o

17:17mike man you had 21 RSVP’s for this thing and i’m the only one to show

17:17mike sad

17:17mike but anyway

17:17mike back to the book


17:17monster7of9 I don’t know how else to promote this gig


17:18monster7of9 have you seen the video that is post in this chat

17:18mike i’m watching it right now

17:19monster7of9 this really helps to set the background for the book

17:19mike the artwork added so much to the story

17:20monster7of9 I wish I knew what movie mignola was watching when he had this idea

17:20mike i bet you 10 to 1 it would be Van Helsing LOL

17:20mike JUST KIDDING

17:20monster7of9 I loved Van Helsing

17:22mike the thing that captured me with the book though.. was that a lot of it took place in the pub

17:22mike and was all told form the different characters points of view

17:23monster7of9 which also going back to batman, there was an episode where the villians talked about how they almost got ‘im

17:24monster7of9 which was always, I think, in a pub setting

17:24mike nice

17:25mike i think any of these character could be featured in thier own book..

17:25monster7of9 there was one line that was uttered that I hated which is one of the most famous lines from the planet of the apes – first movie – original

17:25mike and who knows maybe will in a spin off or sequel

17:26monster7of9 I can see that happen but you would want to see it as a graphic novel or full text

17:27mike keep the full text

17:27mike dosn’t need to be a graphic novel

17:28mike i love how mike added the images throughout the story… actually made the mood of the story even darker

17:28monster7of 9I agree very well done… nice little touches

17:28mike oh so much so

17:29mike parts with the Bear

17:29mike and then the different scenses with the vampire

17:29mike and of course the red

17:30mike picturing it all in my head

17:30mike and being reinforced

17:30monster7of9 I don’t think this story could have been told in a straight timeline

17:31mike oh 100% not

17:31mike kind of pulp fiction wise

17:31monster7of9 I was gonna say that – damn

17:31mike made the story more rich and made you think about it more

17:31mike HA

17:33mike this book is very haunting

17:33monster7of9 oh, I forgot I included a link for a podcast that mignola and golden did – take a listen

17:33mike how long is it?

17:34monster7of9 i think under 5 minutes

17:36mike ok that’s cool

17:37mike i liked hellboy so I knew i was going to love this book

17:37mike but didn’t realize how much i would of liked it

17:38monster7of9 would you like of baltimore formed a posse – sort of in the future to take over if there were to be a sequel

17:39mike hmmm each one of the characters could do it

17:39mik i eespecially liked the sailor

17:39monster7of9 salty dog

17:40mike very much so

17:40monster7of9 unlike popeye

17:41mike oh totally diffrent character

17:41mike more like old man & the sea thing

17:41mike wise and worldly

17:41mike loyal to the end

17:42monster7of9 fyi – i’m going to be signing off soon but I wanted to give you a heads up for the next book if you are interested

17:42monster7of9 Eion Colfer – Airman part fantasy/steampunk

17:43monster7of9 january 28, 2009 same time 6:30

17:43mike so two months

17:43mike np

17:43mike not a huge steampunk fan

17:43monster7of9 yeah because of the holidays

17:43mike but will check it out

17:43mike met some girls at dragon*con that were huge steam punk fans

17:43monster7of9 neither am I but I wanted to give it a chance

17:44monster7of9 also this book will be made into a movie by robert zemekis

17:44monster7of9 zemekis??

17:44monster7of9 back to the future guy

17:44mike ya

17:44monster7of9 beowulf

17:44mike know who is he

17:45mike also did Roger Rabbit

17:45monster7of9 exactly

17:47monster7of9 Mike, it’s been real

17:48mike have a great holiday

17:48monster7of9 have a great turkey day and more

17:49mike you too

17:49mike talk to you soon

17:49mike Peace


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