Hello 2009 and Goodbye 2008


Hello again, I’m back in the driver’s seat to bring lots of scifi goodness, cheese and other shenanigans. Taking a breather on December 2008, I am amazed by what I have been able to accomplish in my professional and personal goals. 

In 2008, I became a librarian which is something I never imagined myself to be but now I can’t see myself without this in my life. I have been quite the busy bee in pushing my scifi book group (more on that), my create your own comic event with an actual comic book created(also, more on that) and my ongoing computer classes I teach for seniors.  With that last tidbit, I’ve been selected to become one of many trainers to teach the public computer and internet basics in our north and south regional libraries. I’ve joined many committees to expand my career horizons and options as I never want to have another glass ceiling over my head as when I worked at Borders Books Shop in my final years with them.

My MLIS classes are still going strong although my cataloging class sucked major ass for me last term. I’m more of a hands on learner and since we have our cataloging services outsourced in my library system, the material being taught fell on deaf ears. My Preparing Instructional Media class was a breeze to handle since I had to do a website and post different elements like a blog, podcast and presentation on any subject I liked. In case, your reading this blog for the first time, you can click here to visit the website I created for My Create Your Own Comic event. I took all my posts on my blog, Monster Scifi Show Podcast episode # 7, and create an online script/artwork comparison presentation and put it on my own website through my school USF.

Moving on this point, I am having another Create Your Own Comic event on January 20. While I used Myebook.com to upload a digital version of the comic I created, I am also looking at another site called Comiqs.com. This site is truly meant for comic books as the site can provide panels as well as word balloons. While Myebook is great, I’m hoping Comiqs will surpass my expectations. I may schedule another event in the next quarter near the time of the Wolverine movie in May.

For my book group, the first book for 2009 is Airman by Eion Colfer. I chose this title due to the book being part fantasy and part steampunk. In addition, this book will be made into a movie by Robert Zemekis. If you are interested, go to my book group in Facebook. I have also chosen Tim Eldred’s Grease Monkey which is my first graphic novel for the group for Feburary. I would have chosen Watchmen but I don’t have a copy of my own and I’ve been on the waitlist in my own library since July 2008. The next book in March is still up in the air as I might have a local author host the group – Brad Aiken. He has one book in my system called The Starscape Project which is part of a trilogy. His newest one is called Mind Fields. I’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Other goals that I am looking forward to is having an internship with Marvel Comics. I still want to continue with my screenwriting and comic book writing, networking with other writers and artists, and of course, continue with my podcasting and blogging. On this note, I have started Twitter-ing. I’ll try to have this linked to my blog. 

Other techie items to note, the use of my iPhone is surpassing my expectations with all the killer apps that I am discovering everyday. I will note all my oohs and ahhs for you to follow and hopefully, you will give me some heads up other apps that I must know about as well. Also, I am looking lose my cd collection that I have amassed over the years and convert them all digitally. I am starting a little savings to buy a 500 gig harddrive and with all the change I had myself, the cars and house I have $11.57… change that. My wife just gave me 5 cents. I now have $11.62 . I’m almost there x 20.

Lastly, health-wise, I need to get back to my walking. I accomplished an almost 6 miles trek to work recently which I had been doing semi-regularly last year but due to school and other stress related issues, I have once more resorted to comfort eating. My recent trip to Disney as put me back on track with walking and weight lifting. I still have a bunch of  fud, not food, that I have to get rid to get back on my psuedo Atkins diet. I will make this part of my blog to document my weight loss. For starters, I weighed myself today at 198. I wanted to drop down to 180 but my ultimate goal is 170. We shall see how this goes. 

As you can see, there is a great deal I want to accomplish in 2009 and I hope you tag along for the ride.


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