Wolverine Questions I Have

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Scifi
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I am getting very excited by the new prospects of the new Wolverine movie. I am readingmy latest copy of Wizard and Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). There was an article in EGM that talked about the movie version of the video game. They had talked about the balancing act of having this unkillable character that can be killed or captured in the game. What strucked me in particular was the amount of violence that Wolverine can deliver as well as receive during the cut scenes. This led me into thinking about the nature of Wolverine and some ideas.

If Wolverine lost a hand, arm or other appendage, his mutant powers would heal him back to perfect health but what happens that bit o’ flesh? Can this generate a clone of another Wolverine? Or can the DNA from the flesh be replicated and injected into someone else? If so, one way to prevent this from happening would be to lace his skin with adamantium. Would this be possible? Would he look more like Colossus?

Since I’ve been out of the loop of reading Wolverine comics, I know enough of his origins to know how painful the procedure was to the added adamantium and how his mutant healing powers have increased over the years. I’m curious to see what you think about


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