Congrats to Al Franken

Posted: January 6, 2009 in Scifi
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al-franken-as-ferengi-togWhile Al Franken is a former SNL Alumni, I am more than excited to see Al Franken become the next Senator of Minnesota. I have enjoyed Al Franken’s various characters his has played from Stuart Smalley, his kermit-like impression of Senator Paul Tsongas and of course, Tog the Ferengi that appeared on Love Boat: The Next Generation skit on SNL with Patrick Stewart. In addition, I have enjoyed listening to his radio program – The Al Franken Show on Air America network when it just started. I was really impressed with his political intellect that it matched in my opinion Al Franken’s zeal for comedy. To see him leave his radio program, The Al Franken Show for his run for the Senate was a huge gamble. After a long, long re-count and with a razor edge lead of over 250+ votes, Al Franken will be a Senator. Will this usher in a new Al Franken decade? Only Al Franken will know for sure.


  1. Z System says:

    Congratulations Senator!


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