Transcripts from Scifi/Fantasy Book Group – Airman

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Scifi
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11:19monster7of9 by Eoin Colfer

15:20SleepyHeadArnold testing 1 2 3

16:35monster7of9 hello are you here for the book group

16:35SleepyHeadArnold yep

16:35monster7of9Arnold??? IM

16:36SleepyHeadArnold yes. it is I

16:36monster7of9 cool. I have two kids from the comic event last here

16:36SleepyHeadArnold oh. nice.

16:38SleepyHeadArnold i like the chatroom format with the videos embedded

16:38SleepyHeadArnold great design

16:38monster7of9 we were watching the book trailer

16:39SleepyHeadArnold yeah i saw it too

16:39SleepyHeadArnold finally

16:39SleepyHeadArnold and the one for baltimore

16:42monster7of9 i’m going to get the kids laptops

16:42monster7of9 give us a moment to log in



16:50monster7of9cArnold are you still with us


16:50SleepyHeadArnold yep

16:50monster7of9 Great

16:50BlahBlah123 Ok

16:51monster7of9 we have Alex and Meagan with us today

16:51SleepyHeadArnold oh. coo

16:51SleepyHeadArnold cool*

16:51SleepyHeadArnold i wonder how their comics are coming along

16:51monster7of9 Let’s get started by asking – who here finished the book

16:51BlahBlah123 I finished the book awhile back

16:51SleepyHeadArnoldi did

16:52guest7018466 I’m still working on it.

16:52monster7of9 I just finished the last 100 pages today

16:52BlahBlah123 Ok

16:52SleepyHeadArnold just in time

16:53guest7018466 I’m on page 126


16:53monster7of9We’ll try not to spoil the ending

16:53BlahBlah123 Ok

16:53guest7018466 That’s good.

16:53monster7of9 What did we think of the story so far

16:53BlahBlah123 I thought it was cool.

16:53guest7018466 I think it’s pretty interesting. Very good, that is.

16:54BlahBlah123 Yeah

16:54monster7of9 Since this is being made into movie who should play connor

16:54SleepyHeadArnold hahaha

16:54guest7018466 I want to play Isabella.

16:54BlahBlah123 Haha

16:54SleepyHeadArnold hmm

16:54BlahBlah123 Who should play Conor?

16:55SleepyHeadArnol dthe kid from transformers iz the only young male actor that comez 2 mind right now

16:55SleepyHeadArnold i dont know hiz name

16:55guest7018466 I say Dakota Fanning should play Isabella.

16:55monster7of9 Dyanne says hi Arnold

16:55SleepyHeadArnold thatz a good idea. dakota fanning. shez a good actress

16:55monster7of9 I am blanking out on the name for the kid

16:56SleepyHeadArnold hi dyanne

16:56SleepyHeadArnold ill find out

16:56BlahBlah123 Shia Lebeouf

16:56guest7018466 Me too.

16:56monster7of9 Bonvilian???

16:56BlahBlah123 I dont know

16:56SleepyHeadArnold hmm

16:57SleepyHeadArnold someone older, and bigger

16:57SleepyHeadArnold sean connery

16:57SleepyHeadArnold hahaha jk

16:57BlahBlah123 Maybe

16:57BlahBlah123 Ben Affleck?\

16:58SleepyHeadArnold lol

16:58guest7018466 How old is Bonvillan supposed to be?

16:58monster7of9 I imagine late fourties

16:58SleepyHeadArnold 50s i think

16:58SleepyHeadArnold ben would be 2 young

16:59SleepyHeadArnold benjamin

16:59BlahBlah123 Colin Farell plays Bulleye

16:59BlahBlah123 Bullseye*

17:00monster7of9 colin farrell would be a great villian much like Bullseye from Daredevil

17:00BlahBlah123 Yeah

17:00guest7018466 I can’t really think of anything to play Bonvillan. I had someone in mind. But I can’t remember his name now.

17:00BlahBlah123 Liam Neeson?

17:01monster7of9 I would see him more as Declan

17:01monster7of9 connor’s father

17:01guest7018466 How about the king?

17:01BlahBlah123 Christian Bale?

17:02SleepyHeadArnold jack nicholson as bonvilain.

17:02monster7of9 As long as he did not use the Batman voice

17:02BlahBlah123 Yes

17:02SleepyHeadArnold lol

17:02guest7018466 Yeah

17:02BlahBlah123 Who should play Linus?

17:02guest7018466 How about Victor Vigny?

17:03monster7of9 For Linus, I was listening to the audiobook and heard the american accent

17:03SleepyHeadArnold hmm

17:03BlahBlah123 Who should play the Battering Rams guys? Marlakey is his name.

17:03BlahBlah123 guy*

17:03BlahBlah123 I imagine Marlarkey as a big guy

17:04monster7of9 If Keiffer Sutherland wasn’t busy I would say his day Donald

17:04guest7018466 Jack Bauer

17:05BlahBlah123 How about Billtoe? Who should play him?

17:05guest7018466 Arthur Billtoe?

17:05SleepyHeadArnold which one iz he again

17:06monster7of9I haven’t thought too much about him except that he should be very skinny and bony looking

17:06guest7018466How old is Arthur Billtoe?

17:07monster7of9His bad health rotten teeth late 50’s

17:08guest7018466I would say Gary Oldman?

17:09monster7of9 gary as arthur?

17:09BlahBlah123 Andy Serkis is the name of the guy who plays gollum in the lord of the rings

17:10monster7of9 Actually, if you see Andy in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, that’s a great image

17:10guest7018466 How about Conner’s mother?

17:10BlahBlah123 Andy also played King Kong himself

17:10BlahBlah123 using motion capture

17:11SleepyHeadArnold nicole kidman

17:11SleepyHeadArnold for connors mother

17:11guest7018466 Maybe.

17:11monster7of9 not much of a role her nicole

17:11SleepyHeadArnold yea she might be insulted by the offer

17:12guest7018466 Yeah, she only apears in the beginning of the book. When she’s pregnant with Conner.

17:13BlahBlah123 She appears in other parts too

17:13monster7of9 I was thinking of looking for pics of casting ideas later on meebo

17:13SleepyHeadArnold that waz a nice chapter

17:13monster7of9 she does have her moments to get declan back

17:13BlahBlah123 Conor’s mother appears again with Conor’s baby brother

17:13guest7018466 Spoiler!

17:13BlahBlah123 lol

17:13SleepyHeadArnold ha

17:14guest7018466 Oh, well. Now that I know.

17:14monster7of9 We are looking at the first video

17:16BlahBlah123 I’ve got ten minutes remaining on the laptop

17:16guest7018466 Me too.

17:17monster7of9 Withouth giving too much away, there is a reference about the early recorded flights in the book

17:17monster7of9 Since our time is running short, let talk about the next meeting

17:17BlahBlah123 Ok

17:18monster7of9 Tim Eldred wrote Grease Monkey which will be our first graphic novel for the club

17:18BlahBlah123 Ok

17:18monster7of9 Feb 25 at 6:30

17:18BlahBlah123 Ok

17:18guest7018466 You mentioned it last week.

17:19monster7of9 You can meet here at the library or online like tonight

17:19BlahBlah123 Ok

17:19monster7of9 Arnold thank you for going online on your day off

17:19SleepyHeadArnold no problem

17:19monster7of9 Megan and Alex for joining us tonight

17:19monster7of9 see everyone next time

17:19BlahBlah123 Bye

17:19guest7018466 Ok. 🙂

17:20SleepyHeadArnold c ya

17:20guest7018466 Bye Arnold

17:20SleepyHeadArnold bye


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