It’s not goodbye but until next time

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Scifi
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As I sit here waiting for my time to end until 6pm today, I have to remind myself that things are not as bleak as they may appear. As of Monday, I will be working at another library branch and not to the same one I helped to opened. If I were to compare the sizes of both libraries to Star Trek ships they would run like this; I served on Voyager for the past 10 months and now I will be serving on Enterprise-D.

So while I have developed great feelings for certain staff members, overall I miss each one of them.

I plot my course as thus:

Second star to the right … and straight on till morning.’


Update: As part of my going away present, I was presented with a Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake and a very cool lightsaber construction kit (as pictured below). I was truly moved.


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  2. […] of Star Trek metaphors. Almost two years ago, I was transferred to my current assignment. (Click here to read the previous post.) I compared this regional library in size and perspective of Enterprise […]


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