Zombie Banks ?!?


I love when mainstream news incorporates sci-fi and horror concepts as part of their news reporting. Of course, when I used it in my old business papers for school using Star Trek and Star Wars metaphors to explain certain business concepts, I would get the utter disdain look from some of my old professors. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with making a more laymen correlation like apples to oranges. But screw that let me compare Borg and Klingons to hostile corporate takeovers, now that is more like it. 

Moving on, I listen to NPR like most mornings and there are talking about the concept of Zombie Banks. With all the financial woes the economy is going through, the government is trying its best to bail out banks with toxic debt. The hope is that by giving or buying up the toxic debt up with taxpayer money, these banks would then be free to lend out more money to businesses. In case of the Zombie Banks, they just keep gobbling the money and giving nothing back in return as what was expected.


As with a Zombie, there only way to kill them was to chop off their heads or to shoot them in the head so the brain will die. Compare this to the remedy for the Zombie Banks, the government will have to go cut out the higher functions of the bank (like the brains) buy going in and buying up the bank and then firing all the execs. The government can then release these assets to better functioning banks.

“We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We will go where no man has gone before…

May the Force be with us… Always.”


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