Dollhouse Pilot Review

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Scifi
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Having a late start on watching the first episode, I thought I would have missed the wonderful feeling of seeing another Joss project. Needless to say, the pilot was not the hopes and dreams of another witty series but rather a false start (I hope). I want to say that with any Whedon project, “Joss is Boss,” but for some reason there is not Joss’ soul in this series. I love watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-blog because it was unique and reeked of Joss’s brilliance in the song plus the performance Neil Patrick Harris was incredible. In the span of the first 5 minutes, I loved Dr. Horrible as a character. 

 We’ve seen Eliza play similar head strong street chick attitude and the opening to Dollhouse plays right into her strengths but that were in ends. Having followed the progress from the initial concept, Joss felt Eliza had more acting range that was not seen by the roles she had to date. Dollhouse grew out of their conversation and for the most part sounded like a win-win-win, Eliza, Joss and all of us. However, watching Dollhouse with Eliza on the onset I see nothing new. There are just too many borrowed elements from other shows that have been done either incredibly well or very mediocre. Le Femme Nikita, Alias, My Own Worst Enemy, Bionic Woman (re-imagined my ass), and Spy Game are a few to name. I leave it up to you to decide the good from the bad.

Alias (Jennifer Garner) is probably the best comparison Dollhouse could be and will have to work incredibly hard towards (for the first 3 seasons, the last two were horrendous.) Having said that, the series may not last that long since it is on Fox; which I still don’t understand after Firefly. I am willing to give this show another shot tonight or via Hulu but I fear this will not be enough even for this Whedon die-hard fan to be won over. 


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