Cinema Viewfinder: DVD Review Wonder Woman


When I get to my favorite comic shop, my friend Mr. Gene and I noticed the DVD was on the display shelf ready to be sold last friday. I was so eager to buy it but I knew that Best Buy would have it cheaper. BLAST!. Luckily, for you and me, David over the the Cinema Viewfinder has a review of this lastest DC direct-to-video release of Wonder Woman. Also, keep an ear out for my Lost Monster Scifi Show Podcast part 2 where I ask George Perez a question about Wonder Woman.

Warner Premiere continues its line of direct-to-video animated releases this week with the release of its fourth film, Wonder Woman. As usual, no shortcuts have been taken here. This is a fresh take on the Amazon Princess that still pays homage to her recent comic book run.

As seems to be the case with most animated movies of this ilk, the movie lays the foundation for a future live-action property by summing up the protagonist’s history for a new audience. Gone is the World War II-era canon established by the 1970s Lynda Carter TV series, and its comic book progenitor. Instead, the story relies on the 1985 George Perez relaunch, a modern retelling with underpinnings from Greek mythology. In this version it is her people’s enmity with the god Ares (Alfred Molina), and their fear of the war-mongering “Man’s World,” that necessitates the debut of Princess Diana (Keri Russell) in America, hopefully not as an Amazon warrior but as an emissary of peace.

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