TalkShoe Instructions for BSG Podcast

On March 27 @ 9:00pm Eastern, join me and others to discuss our thoughts and passsions about BSG. Follow some instructions and rules of conduct and you join in on the fun. 

  1. Call from any phone from anywhere: +1 724-444-7444. Enter Call ID 22510, and then join the call as a guest by pressing 1#. Best slightly before 9pm.
  2. On your computer, click on this link to get into the chat room
  3. If you followed everything correctly, then your computer screen will look similiar to the image below. Your name will appear on the right side of the panel and you have an area to enter text for the chat room which is the last box on the bottom.


Rules of Conduct

  1. No swearing except for the constant usage of the word FRAK when deemed necessary. Try to follow this  as this saves me time from editing. If you abuse the this rule, then I will block you from the call and/or chat room.
  2. We can have SPOILERS. I will have warning at the beginning of the podcast. Feel free to speak your heart out on any topic.
  3. Don’t interrupt others. We may have many guests and I want to hear everyones ideas and opinions. Everyone is free to like what they like. However, feel free to challenge what is being said. Make good arguements.

If you unable to join us, please feel free to email me your thoughts and comments about BSG as a whole, the last season or the last episode, whatever you like to:

Please include your name and where you are from so I can read it during the show.


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