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Posted: April 1, 2009 in Scifi
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When I first heard about this, I wanted to scream my head off at the woman who “questions the literary value of comic books.” Who in BLAZES do you think you are? There are many kids who, like me, grew up reading comics which oddly enough promoted R-E-A-D-I-N-G.  As for the sexual undertones, many 6 year olds would not have a clue what is being presented because they do not have a point of reference. As a parent I undersand the need to protect one’s child but also you need to be vested in understand what you’re child is reading. I’m sure that the school librarian did screen the book before putting it on the shelf as any librarian would do. I don’t want to see this case of parental censorship lead into others to start banning comic books because of their own hang ups. You don’t want you kid to read the comic book, that is your decision. Don’t decide what my kid should be allowed to read because that’s my job and every single parent out there.

’nuff said


April 1, 2009 by Michael Hickerson   || Category: Book News

A mother in Nebraska is upset with his son’s school library for carrying a “Spider-Man” graphic novel that she deems “too sexy” for her six-year-old son to read.

Physha Svendsen of Millard, Nebraska said her son brought home a graphic novel of the famous wall-crawler that included some material she found to racy for the elementary school library.    Svendsen is protesting, asking the book be removed from the library.

“It has a lot of sexual undertones in here, as far as sexuality goes,” she told a local television station. “They can learn this through any other place, but it’s not something I allow them to learn, in my house at least.”

The graphic novel is question is a collection of “Spider-Man” comics purchased by the school library.   Svendsen told the news station she questions the literary value of comic books.

Svendesen didn’t elaborate on the book’s literary elements that she found sexually inappropriate. Some illustrations in the book showed a female character wearing a bikini and a short skirt.

via Nebraska Mom Protests Sexy “Spider-Man” Comic : Slice of SciFi.

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  2. Arnold says:

    that mother iz being ridiculous. this happens over and over again with all kinds of media, its getting old fast.


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