Cinema Viewfinder: Caprica Pilot: A New Chapter for a New Era

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Scifi
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esai-morales-capricaSince the Caprica dvd is schedule for release on 4/21/09, David from Cinema Viewfinder was kind enough to share his review.


Caprica Pilot: A New Chapter for a New Era

With the recent demise of the much beloved Battlestar Galactica, this avid TV watcher found himself mourning the loss of its wonderful characters in a way he seldom has before. Perhaps it was because the series reached what is generally rare for television: a satisfying conclusion. I actually found myself wanting to follow the new adventures these characters had set out on in the final minutes of the show. It is fitting that the science fiction series, an allegory for Bush’s “War on Terror” era, would wrap up as America enters a new, hopeful, but more opaque era of economic uncertainty. The new prequel spinoff, Caprica, is a chapter in the Galactica saga that captures the feeling, characteristic of the Obama era, of American life at a crossroads.

The opening title card states, “Caprica: 58 Years Before the Fall.” It is a world we’ve seen in glimpses on Galactica, beautiful, glistening buildings forming a gleaming skyline overlooking an ocean. But it is a society on a precipice. It has reached the apex of its civilization and the seeds of its ultimate destruction are being sown right now. It is a world much like our own where there are differing socioeconomic levels because of class and racial bias. And its young people rely on virtual technology to fill the void in their lives where the gradually disintegrating family structure once existed.

via Cinema Viewfinder: Caprica Pilot: A New Chapter for a New Era.

  1. The Caprica series hit tv yesterday. It’s getting good reviews!


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