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Posted: April 20, 2009 in Scifi
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rabidBeing a Cronenberg fan, I saw Rabid some time ago and was suprised by how well Marilyn Chambers did her legit movie role. Of course, this is not the only porn star that made the crossover from adult films to more mainstream media. Tracy Lords is a perfect example on how Chambers could have  and would have been more of a success had her path remained like Lords’. After Lords porn career was a bust she starred in some scifi related projects like the short lived Scifi Channel’s First Wave and Not of This Earth. 

While I know Chambers’s adult work, it is sad to see how much of her true potential will never be fully realized. When you get a chance, see the YouTube clip I posted and if you like it, rent it. I totally recommended this forgotten horror movie.

Marilyn Chambers, R.I.P.

April 14, 2009 The trenchcoat crowd will always remember her for her role in “Behind the Green Door.” But horror fans will remember her starring role as Rose in David Cronenberg’s classic 1977 horror film “Rabid.” Marilyn Chambers has passed away at the too-young age of 56.

It seems like a lot of obits are turning up on the pages of ESplatter these days, and as the veterans of ’70s horror get old, they inevitably pass away. But Chambers was really way too young to pass away. “Rabid” was meant to be her breakthrough movie, pulling her out of seedy adult fare and into horror films. Apparently it wasn’t enough to establish her as a legitimate actress. She was convincing in the movie.

via News on Marilyn Chambers, R.I.P. | | The Guide to Horror Movies.


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